Future Client Process And Resources

Yesterday I was hanging out with the girls and we were talking about things we like doing. I shared my love for teaching and training. How I taught elementarily and at the college level. I emphasized how I love teaching and training, which I do.

One of the ladies asked what I do.

I told them I had my own business and that I help small businesses start, grow, and scale their business in the government market place.

Three of them asked for my business card.

With them asking “what I do” It got me to thinking what those in my community might not know about what I do or how I do something.

It came to me that you might not know the process of being a client of mine, us working together 1:1.

It’s actually a simple process.

It starts with a conversation. For the right people, it takes less than 30minutes.

During the conversation, I’m listening for key things to decide whether we’d be a good fit to work together.

You see I know I can help you grow and scale your contracting business. That’s not the question.

I’m interviewing potential clients just as much as they are interviewing me.

I don’t make the offer to everyone to work with me because of a variety of reasons, yet it always revolves around what they’ve said.

Here are the things I’m listening for and that are a red flag for me.

  • Blaming someone else for their current situation. Past excuses are okay, as long as you recognize it for what it is and then say how you plan to change those things.
  • Giving excuses for where they’re at right now in their business.
  • Lack of time. Didn’t have the time in the past or just didn’t give the business the time needed, but now do, or will.

Unfortunately, I have people sign up to just ask me questions with no intention or interest of signing up for a program even after filling out the enrollment questionnaire answering “yes, I’m ready and able to make the investment.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love helping people. And I have a lot of free resources where I provide value, information, tips, strategies, knowledge, and lessons learned.

The enrollment calls are reserved for those ready to get started and put some skin in the game because the reality is I can’t give you everything you need in a 30-minute call.

When they book a call with me they’re taking away time from those that are really ready to invest their time and money to get the results they deserve with my help.

Places you can find my FREE resources and learn:

Ways You Can Work With Me:

Wanted to make sure I shared this with you. I figured if my friends had questions on what exactly it is I do and how that maybe you had similar questions as well. Cool…

To my future client.