Client Reviews

A game-changing investment with Felicia —her program is a must for minority, woman, or service-disabled veteran small business owners in government contracting. Securing my first $88,000 government contract as a prime contractor proves its value. – Kimberlyn

Felicia’s program delivers real results—I’ve secured multiple contracts within weeks of joining, with ongoing support to pursue bigger opportunities and grow my government contracting business. – Brittany

With Felicia’s guidance, I secured a state contract within sixty days, making a return on my investment and realizing the incredible potential of her program—truly amazing! – Candace

Thanks to Felicia’s step-by-step guidance, I efficiently launched my business, saving valuable time and ensuring every task was completed in the right order—truly grateful for her invaluable support! – Leantha

Thanks to Felicia’s Accelerator, I fine-tuned my offer and teaming relationships, resulting in a $468,500 contract—a clear demonstration of the rapid ROI achievable through her invaluable guidance. – Tesa

In just six weeks of joining Felicia’s program, I secured my first government contract worth $48,500 using the provided framework—proof of the immediate impact and potential for continued success through her guidance. Tiffani

Within Felicia’s program, I secured two contracts totaling nearly six figures in less than 90 days, a testament to the immense value and ROI of her guidance—an investment that keeps on giving. – Angela

I was enjoying running a quarter-million-dollar company in the private sector. In working with Felicia, I realized that there was a huge opportunity in the federal market. As a result of working with Felicia, I grew my revenue to over 2 million dollars. – Chris

Stepping out on faith led to a life-changing partnership and a $49.9 million contract, thanks to the invaluable steps and guidance provided, transforming our business trajectory—thank you for your invaluable support. – Ernesco, Construction

Under Felicia’s guidance, our approach to securing government contracts for aviation products has been changed, offering a tailored strategy that maximizes efficiency and success, a game-changer for both seasoned players and newcomers entering the industry. – Paul, Aviation 

Thanks to Felicia’s expert coaching, I now confidently navigate the nuances of government contracting, equipped with invaluable insights on RFP analysis, effective marketing strategies, and tailored guidance that truly elevates my business approach. – Leila – Marketing Agency

Thanks to Felicia’s Bootcamp, I transformed an idea into $96,000 worth of contracts, including a lucrative 5-year deal, all within six months—a testament to her effective guidance and support. – Tamara

Thanks to our collaboration, I’ve successfully navigated key government certifications, strategic partnerships, crucial meetings with agency officials, and established robust bidding processes, setting a strong foundation for sustained growth and success. – Kelley, Construction

Working with Felicia has been an invaluable experience, her step-by-step guidance and vast knowledge have streamlined processes, accelerated learning, and empowered me to focus on crucial contract aspects, ultimately enhancing my business’s efficiency and effectiveness across the board. Patrick, Maintenance

ABSOLUTELY GREAT! Felicia’s program goes beyond the surface, providing invaluable insights without overwhelming, and I’ve already reaped the rewards with a $24,000 deal—all thanks to her expert guidance and support. – Marcie, Professional Training and Development

Thanks to Felicia’s Collaboration Checklist, I’m attracting the right partners, forging lucrative collaborations that are turning into joint ventures, and expanding my reach for sustained profitability—YIPPEE HOO! – Kay

Felicia’s informative YouTube videos convinced me of her expertise, and now, her personalized guidance is transforming my stagnant business into a flourishing success in government contracting—truly invaluable! – Ira – Professional Training and Development 

The Contractors Edge and Felicia provide invaluable empowerment and support, fostering trust, integrity, and honesty, with structured, prioritized training materials that streamline business development for successful government contracting, ensuring long-term success beyond the Boot Camp. – Charles

Your authentic sharing of entrepreneurial experiences and insights, especially about overcoming challenges and defining personal success, has inspired and empowered me to take action toward achieving my goals with confidence and optimism—thank you! – Cynthia 

Working with Felicia has been transformative; her infectious energy and expert guidance helped me target my marketing strategies effectively, yielding extraordinary results—highly recommended for anyone seeking true business success. – Daphne

Thanks to Felicia’s guidance, I’ve shifted my mindset, established essential systems, and learned to stand out while increasing my customer base—transforming my business from a hobby to a successful venture. – Vanessa

Felicia’s expertise in creating mutually beneficial collaborations, coupled with her integrity and clarity, has made her my top choice for guidance in navigating successful partnerships—I’m grateful to have her as a friend and resource. – Lumari

Felicia is unparalleled in forming collaborations that propel business growth swiftly—her expertise in creating mutually beneficial partnerships is unmatched! – Desiree, Professional  Training and Development

Thanks to Felicia’s Contractor’s Edge group, I’m expanding my business’s potential and exploring collaborations in ways I never imagined, fostering innovative ideas and newfound confidence in partnership endeavors. Denise

Felicia, the go-to expert for crafting irresistible collaboration offers and partnerships, has empowered me to increase credibility, visibility, and revenues with smart, effective strategies—she’s truly The Million Dollar Mentor. Leia, Professional Training and Development

After my VIP Day with Felicia, my business outlook has transformed, with newfound clarity, focus, and actionable steps towards success—I’ve even launched a new service offer, thanks to her invaluable guidance and support. – Joann

Felicia’s guidance confirmed the feasibility of my business, providing clarity on sequenced systems and innovative strategies to maximize profitability—all thanks to her timely appearance and expert support. – Dr Guess

Thanks to Felicia’s transformative coaching, I’ve overcome anxiety around money conversations, empowering me to pursue larger contracts with confidence and freedom—truly priceless! – Christine

Connecting with Felicia, The Million Dollar Mentor, was a game-changer for me—an invaluable resource and guide who genuinely cares about my success, providing clear and straightforward guidance in navigating the contracting business. Eula