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I’m Felicia Streeter, your Government Contracting Strategist. I help my clients go from securing their first government contract, to a million dollars a year, and then on to million dollar contracts.

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The 6-Figure Contractor Lead Generation Plan

The five marketing strategies to get your business in front of the right people to keep your pipeline filled with potential customers and contracts. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re established already, these strategies will change the game in your business.

Hey, I'm Felicia Streeter

My mission is to help minority-owned small businesses grow their business by expanding from the private sector into the government marketplace with million-dollar contracts and million-dollar years so they can achieve more financial freedom and take back control of their life and business.

I take my over 20 years of experience in business and as a government contractor and share with you all of my strategies for how I’ve won $7 million, $11 million, and $15 million dollar contracts so that you can do it too. I’ve been where you are and my goal is to help you shorten the timeline to getting to where you want to be.

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Contractors Edge Bootcamp 2.0

Get your first bid done fast for minority small business owners who need the strategy and tools to position, perform, price, profit, partner and market their business to the government and primes to get your first government contract and grow into a six figure government contractor so that you can have consistent cash flow.

The Government Contractor Accelerator

For six figure service based government contractors who are ready to position their business on the path to a million-dollars a year by tightening their bid process, strategy, business development, and add team so that they can prepare for the 8a program, create a sustainable business and shift from six figures to seven figure years.

Next Level Government Contractor Mentorship

An exclusive inner circle for established government contractors who want to continue to build a business that you can scale to multiple million-dollar contracts with team, build critical support systems, and  maximize the 8a program while embracing the role of CEO and stepping into being the true visionary leader of your business.

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