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Hi I’m Felicia Streeter, I help businesses grow as a contractor with the federal government with over 15 years of extensive industry experience. I currently work with privately owned small business owners, who want to bid their first federal contract correctly, fast, and with confidence.

You’ve heard about the lucrative opportunities available to small business owners and minorities with the federal government and now you’re ready to get your pie of that trillion dollar pie. But you don’t know how to win your first contract with the federal government.

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  • I lost a $270,000 contract, yelp that’s was $15,000 a month due to the prime contractor wanting to save and recover from contractor delays so that they could increase their bottom line profit.

  • I took my business from $23,000 to over $7,000,000 in an 18 month period.

  • I received my 8(a) certification within 90 days of application

  • I won the Diversity Business award, Ranking in the top 500 African American Owned Business category.

  • I was awarded the Regional Small Business of the Year award


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