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You have BIG dreams and you’re ready for the next level with a pro.

Get strategic, PRIVATE, customized mentoring with support and accountability.


Grow Business

For the serious contractor ready to fast track your contracting goals with a pro? Find opportunities, build key relationships, bid contract, submit responsive proposal with First Class support. It’s time for the next level because business owners don’t go at it alone.

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phase 01

contract Opportunities

From validating your customer to finding ideal opportunities to million dollar contract strategy, this is for you.

We’ll clarify who’s your customer and source for bid. You’ll have a business development system for building key relationships and finding opportunities to bid. 

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phase 02

bid process

Create your bid process and proposal template customized to your business.

We’ll create a system that uses tech and automation, to breaking down solicitation, bidding to profit, and proposal that’s responsive. 

phase 03

bid to profit

Find opportunities, set your goals, and start bidding with a government contracting strategist in your hip pocket.

Start to finish support and accountability from a pro who will hold your hand every step of the way.

Have a team member you want me to train instead? Not a problem.


If you’re interested in moving forward, go here to schedule a call and apply…


  • Prepare your business to be award ready to win government contracts

  • Get registered as a government contractor (federal, state, local)

  • Pursue small business certifications (MBE, WBE, DBE, SDVOB, etc.

  • Build out government business foundation

  • Build and grow your business


  • 6 months of intensive training and support

  • Bid template - I will teach you how to write your own proposals and you'll create a template

  • I’ll review your bids during the program, one per month

  • Coaching to help you stay on track through the program

  • Pursue contracting opportunities

  • Track metrics to meet goals stated during kick-off session


To start there will be calls and training bi-weekly, when the course training is complete you will also receive a coaching session each month for the duration of your month program. That’s six training sessions plus three months of ongoing support. The following deliverables are provided during the training phase:

  • Kick-off Session: Assess your current situation and set goals

  • Getting Registered with Federal, State, and Local Governments

  • Obtaining Certifications for Small Businesses

  • Speak to Government Buyers With Capabilities Statement

  • Bid process revamp and rewrite

  • Contract Opportunity Search Strategy

Once the training is complete, each month for the next three months we’ll schedule a 45 minute coaching session to discuss your progress and any question that you have. We’ll also track your numbers needed to hit your goals and action plan.


I help over worked Small Business contractors gain more time for those they love while increasing profitability, scalability, and sustainability.

Come learn how to grow your business using the process other successful businesses are using to win contracts ranging from $25,000 to well over $1,200,000.

client testimonials

If you’re interested in moving forward, go here to schedule a call and apply…


I found Felicia while doing research on supplier diversity on YouTube. I watched many of her videos and got a lot insight on the tips she shared. At the time, I was very interested in branching out my business into the federal government space, but the prospect of bidding in the complex system was daunting and I really did not know where to start. Working with Felicia has given me the confidence to prepare, research and bid in our specific area. She really focused on our current state and helped us in understanding how to breakdown and extract the important elements of an RFP. She also has shared some valuable marketing tips on how to speak to decision-makers as well as prepare for diversity events. She constantly tailors her coaching on the direction you want to take your business. I can truly say that my experience in working with the Contractor’s Edge Program and Felicia has been extremely valuable.

- Leila, Clear Heights Marketing Agency


Absolutely Great!

Felicia's program was great and she went deeper than just the surface stuff without overwhelming me with tons of info. I'm currently implementing the juicy content that you're sharing in the Contractor's Edge Program and have already begun to see results.

One deal totaling over $24,000! You've done a great job and it's a pleasure working with you.

- Marcie, Professional Training And Development


5 Year IDIQ $49 Million

We were awarded our first contract which was an IDIQ fixed price for 5 years. The dollar amount of this contract has changed our life no really I'm not joking. We get started the first week in February 2018. The total is amount is $49.9 million equals 9.9 Million a year. I followed the steps you gave the "Six P's." I positioned, I built, I increased, I implemented, and I controlled with the end result a BIG contract! Thank you for your help.

- Ernesco, Construction

For several weeks while taking the Contractor’s Edge Program, Felicia has tutored me in optimizing my approach to being awarded government contracts. Although I had some experience in this area, she provided me with a more systematic and focused approach that will save time while pursuing my business goals in the future. Our company offers unique products tailored to the world of aviation. Such a narrow niche requires greater precision with effective marketing strategies. The Contractor’s Edge Program provided insights that I had not considered before. I highly recommend this program to those either established or just embarking on the journey in the world of government contracting.

- Paul, Mahogany Models

Paul Thompson.png


I’m Really Pleased

I just wanted to say after session 2, I felt I got my money's worth. I'm really pleased. There is no way I could have even thought of doing what all you've shared. Our phone meetings have proven to be extremely worthwhile, as she provides nuggets that I’m sure are not common knowledge. Prior to soliciting her services, my business was stagnant and definitely unproductive. Now, Mrs. Streeter is guiding me step-by-step to ensure that my business is successful and flourishes in government contracting.

-Ira, Construction and Maintenance


Awarded 9 Contracts!

After starting from scratch, with just an idea, I won my first contract in 60 days of starting the Bootcamp. Within 90 days, I’d won 2 more and now in less than 6 months I’ve won a total of 9 contracts and one is a 5-year contract! This was really good. Thanks Felicia.

Tamara, Construction

Alastair Davis.jpg

Certifications in 2 weeks!

I got the certification for minority and veteran-owned business within 2 weeks with Felicia’s help! Thank you so much for helping me to get here. Funny thing is a bid came through for Landscaping this morning so I will start bidding. The only way to go is up from here on out. Once again thank you. - Alastair Davis, LANDSCAPE ARKHiTECHz


Proud Teacher Moments

* Joel - $60,000 government contract!

* Saul landed 2 government contracts.

* $650,000 contract BAM! - Thanks Felicia, you've added 6-figures to our bottom line profits! - ConSol

* Jim landed a $180,000 contract base year with 3 year option!

If you’re interested in moving forward, go here to schedule a call and apply…