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We Transform Small Business Owners Into Million-Dollar Companies

I’m Felicia Streeter, your Government Contracting Strategist. I help my clients go from securing their first government contract, to a million dollars a year, and then on to million dollar contracts.

Hey, I'm Felicia Streeter

My mission is to help minority-owned small businesses grow their business by expanding from the private sector into the government marketplace with million-dollar contracts and million-dollar years so they can achieve more financial freedom and take back control of their life and business.

I take my over 15 years of experience in business and as a government contractor and share with you all of my strategies for how I’ve won $7 million, $11 million, and $15 million dollar contracts so that you can do it too. I’ve been where you are and my goal is to help you shorten the timeline to getting to where you want to be.

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I’ve been where you are now. I actually think I was worst off than most making $23,000 the entire year.

That’s why I help emerging small businesses and contracting companies, just like you, shorten your time frame to win government contracts and provide you with the lessons I learned along the way.

I went from working for the IRS, the Department of Defense, and other federal agencies to being a college professor teaching business to eventually starting a government contracting construction company.

After making $23,000 one year, it didn’t take long to realize the best place to be positioned while working with the government is as the prime contractor. We took the time to learn what we didn’t know.

We found answers to questions we didn’t know to ask. We got the support of a mentor to help us shorten our time frame to being a prime contractor. That’s how we went from $23,000 to $7,000,000 in 18-months.

MAKING MILLIONS AND... Figuring Things Out

A million-dollar contracting business that allows you to do work that you love over the life of your business is possible for you too! You just have to have the plan and tenacity to go get it!

My job is to help you learn how to turn your 4-figure private contracts into larger and longer contracts. This is what can happen for you when you tap into the pockets of the biggest spender in the world.

let's build your business

I’m going to personally show you how to build a six-figure and seven-figure government contracting business by showing you how to effectively tap into the pockets of the biggest spender in the world.

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