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VIP Strategy Session

1:1 Business Strategy - Together we’ll deep dive into a unique strategy that will facilitate growth in your Contracting Opportunities and ignite Awards in your business.

Do you want to finally figure out what you should be doing in your business, where to find the right opportunities, and how to start bidding contracts? During your private intensive we are going to help you get clear on your business and put a customized action plan in place for you to start getting results.

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During Your Private 1:1 Session:

We’ll create a game plan specific to your needs. Here are some of the things we can cover based on your needs, but no worries, I’ll help you figure that out too:

  • Audit what you’re currently doing and reveal gap analysis

  • Bidding while pricing to profit with a dependable process

  • Analyze and breakdown solicitations to submit a responsive proposal

  • Identify websites for contracting opportunities

  • Define your niche market and contracting strategies

  • Prospecting and business development to increase cash flow

And YES! There will be time for getting your questions answered.


  • You will know exactly where to find the right opportunities that you have a shot at winning, how to price and bid contracts, and how to articulate the requirements from solicitation into a responsive proposal

  • You will have the confidence boost you needed to get out there and put your business on the map as a government contractor with having your inner critic questioning your every move and decision

  • You will know exactly how to attract your target customers with ease and without feeling like you have to be in a million and one different places to get the results that you want


client INTENSIVE testimonials

what’s included

3-Hour private session, recording included, with me and an invitation to my 1:1 program, if it’s a good fit to continue together

3 part strategy session: 45-minutes will be open based on your needs and predetermined prior to the session 45-minutes on finding opportunities and bidding or solicitations and proposals and then the last 45-minutes we will map out a complete marketing strategy for your business

3-Days of follow up implementation support via email to ask questions and get feedback on anything that comes up for you after our session


  • You’re already overworked, whether from your job or working in your business and you’re tired of spending what time you do have searching Google trying to piece together what to do next

  • You feel like you’re spinning your wheels, going in circles trying to figure out what’s next, how to do it and how to get there

  • You’ve heard about the opportunities available to small businesses with the government, yet you haven’t figured out how to take advantage of it

  • You feel pressured to get your stuff together and figure things out because the clock is ticking on your timeframe to get this right before it becomes a missed opportunity

  • You really want to be winning contracts while living the life you’ve craved with the business you desire that allows you to build something for your family

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Questions You Might Have…

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investment $1,297

WHAT HAPPENS AFTER I PURCHASE A SESSION: After you purchase your session, I’ll send you over a pre-session questionnaire so you can tell me your story, your goals, and I can use that to help prepare so that we can get to the good stuff before your call.

WHAT IS YOUR REFUND POLICY: There isn’t one. Once you book your session, you’re committed. Your session must be held within 30 days of making your purchase.

HOW DO I KNOW WHAT TIMES YOU HAVE: When you’re completing your pre-session questionnaire, I’ll send over 3 dates and times that’s available and you’ll let me know which of those will work to book your session with me.

HOW ARE THE SESSIONS HELD: We will hold your session via Google Hangout or Zoom. Once we choose a time, I will send you the link to join.

Remember That This Is A Business Write Off And An Investment In Yourself And Your Business Success.


I’m Really Pleased

I just wanted to say after session 2, I felt I got my money's worth. I'm really pleased. There is no way I could have even thought of doing what all you've shared. Our phone meetings have proven to be extremely worthwhile, as she provides nuggets that I’m sure are not common knowledge. Prior to soliciting her services, my business was stagnant and definitely unproductive. Now, Mrs. Streeter is guiding me step-by-step to ensure that my business is successful and flourishes in government contracting.

-Ira, Construction and Maintenance


Wonderful thus far

It’s been wonderful. I really appreciate the level of detail, especially with the solicitation breakdown.