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Congratulations! You made a very wise decision to invest in this powerful, contracting and business breakthrough program: "Contractor's  Edge Bootcamp".

This is an unprecedented opportunity to learn my secrets for getting your business set up and ready to receive government contracts. You'll find that the Bootcamp is a POWERFUL program to take your business to that next level faster by leveraging what you got to get what you want by acquiring the Contractor's Edge!

I want to personally welcome you and thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you and your business.

Now, Buckle up and get ready for the ride!!!

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This is where it all begins for you as a government contractor. No holding back! In this Bootcamp, I will teach you the foundation of building a solid government contracting business that will have you find, bid, and close more government contracts. Watch the video above before you dive in and be sure to check out my Contractors Master Planner - an essential part of this program!


Prepare To Perform

Before you pave the way to finding opportunities and actually bidding contracts you should be clear on your capacity to perform on projects and your business preferences.


Module 1 - CEB - Document - List

M1 - Snapshot - Module Overview

M1 - L1 Map Bid Creation Roadmap

M1 - L2 Mapping Out Your Business Preferences


M1 - L3 Capacity To Perform

M1 L4 Capability Statement



Honing In On Your Customer And Opportunities

This is perhaps the most eye opening activity you will accomplish during this program. In the big ocean of government contracting you will find your pool of fish that will keep you fed with opportunities, increase your income, while taking massive action to hit that next bid level creating a steady flow of yummy leads. No more stepping over dollars with a single minded and single customer mentality making it easy for you to find opportunities that cash flow quickly.


Module 2 - CEB - Document - List

M2 - Snapshot - Module Overview

M2 - L1 Who’s Your Customer Validation

M2 - L2 Websites And Resources

M2 - L3 Forecasting Opportunities

M2 - Walkthrough Video Fedbizopps

M2 - Walkthrough Federal Procurement Data System

M2 - Walkthrough USA Spending

M2 - Walkthrough Video Size Up

M2 - Walkthrough Video D&B Hooves


M2 - Walkthrough Video Forecasting


module 3

Bid And Profit

Let’s do work. No more bidding a ton of bids with no success. Oh yeah, no more hearing crickets after submission. Now it’s time to implement a bid and proposal process that allows for faster submission on the RIGHT opportunities assuring that cost is covered, there’s room for profit and that you’re responsive.

We’re making sure the process is simple and allows for enough money so that you can cover all your business expenses and personal expenses from your business giving you the financial freedom you desire and profit so that your business can begin to grow and stand on its own without financial support from you personally.


Module 3 - CEB - Document - List

M3 - Snapshot - Module Overview

M3 - L1-1 - Federal Type Of Bids

M3 - L1-2 - State Type Of Bids Video

M3 - L1-3 - Corporate Type of Bids

M3 - L2 - Finding Opportunities

M3 - L3 - Bid Submissions Video

M3 - L4 - Proposal Video

M3 - L5 - Solicitations Video

M3 - L6 - Go/No Go Formula

M3 - Bid Spreadsheet Template Walkthrough Video

M3 - Proposal Template Walkthrough Video

M3 - Solicitation Breakdown Walkthrough Video

module 4

Expanding Resources For Increased Profits

Oh, yeah we’re doing it. we’re talking about bonding, insurance and when you need to increase your levels. Floating and funding projects with limited cash without a negative effect on your bottom line profit margin. We’re breaking it all the way down with leverage points to aid in the growth of your business to the Next Level Contractor.

Of course none of this stuff is gonna be helpful if you don’t increase your capacity to perform on projects. So let’s get you CONSISTENT, with increasing your leverage points by supplementing your resources with the resources of others.


Module 4 - CEB - Document - List

M4 - Snapshot - Overview

M4 - L1 - Bonding

M4 - L2 - Insurance

M4 - L3 - Floating Projects

M4 - L4 - Floating Projects

M4 - L5 - Building Capacity

module 5

Maximize Teaming Arrangements

This is a Game Changer strategy for small businesses looking to take their business into federal contracting and fast! Take your new found strategies and integrate them into mutually beneficial relationships and deals. You have not because you ask not. Find teaming partners with the resources you need to take your contracting to the Next Level.

We’re breaking down what to ask for that will grow your business, key elements to include in the contract agreement and how to find and lock down the deal.


Module 5 - CEB - Document - List

M5 - Snapshot - Module Overview

M5 - L1 - Teaming

M5 - L2 - Finding Partners


M5 - L3 - Teaming Contract



Integrate And Celebrate

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the finish line. You’ve put in the time, effort, and hard work to make this happen for you and your business. Remember, I shared that bidding federal contracts correctly, confidently, and fast would be a lot of work, take a lot of time, yet it would be well worth it! Now it’s time for you to start seeing the fruit of your labor. It’s time for you to see the seeds you’ve planted grow. DON’T STOP. Going through the process of checking in on who’s your customer, finding opportunities, bidding contracts successfully, winning, and delivery a successful project. Now it’s time for you to celebrate in the way you said you would in the beginning, when you started at module one. Continue to make major moves!

Be the Game Changer!!!



M6 - Integrate And Celebrate



Create Your Best Deal Training Video

Contractors Toolbox To Winning Contracts

Look At You!!!



government contracting roadmap

Bonus Training Modules


Government's Radar 

In this audio I'll walk you through how to build a solid foundation in the government marketplace to ensure you get through the registration process quickly and with total clarity!



How To Apply For Your DUNS Number

How to find and select your nAIC codes

how to register with FBO - fedbizopps 


How to find your SIC Codes



sAM Registration

In this audio I'll walk you through how to complete your SAM registration to ensure you get through the SAM registration system by assuring you follow the required sequence of steps and complete your registration accurately to ensure approval of your profile.



How to search and find your PSC Codes

Registering Your Business with




In this audio I'll walk you through the types of certifications available to you, why you want to apply, the cost of applying, and where to apply. Here we want to make sure you apply for all the certifications for which you qualify, make it a smooth process, and quickly.




Certifications - Part 2


In this audio I'll continue to walk you through the types of certifications available to you, why you want to apply, the cost of applying, and where to apply. Here we want to make sure you apply for all the certifications for which you qualify, make it a smooth process, and quickly.





 In this audio I'll walk you through the process of discovering your business preferences and your capacity to perform on projects that will save you a lot of wasted time on bidding contracts you have no shot at winning while once knowing this information, you’ll be able to find the right opportunities for where you are right now while also have the information you need to start planning for the future.




Marketing - Part 2

In this audio I'll continue walking you through the marketing process so that you know how to find opportunities and communicating with contracting officers to win more government contracts.



PROGRAM bonuses

Apply for your EIN - Tax Id Number

Search (fbo) Search



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