Get Your First Bid Done So That You Can Scale Beyond Six Figures With 1-2 Government Contracts.

Take The World Of Government Contracting From Complexed To Simplified With Our Step-By-Step Roadmap.

Course Structure

The training includes video training, creation of assets, implementation and the step-by-step to get your first bid done. Resources, plug and play templates to assist in responding to proposals to fast-track your ability to bid competitively without having to figure it all out on your own.
Best part, you can go at your own pace. You will implement on what you are learning as you're walked through each phase step-by-step. You'll receive the Proven 90 Day Bid Fast Track Schedule. Along with monthly group coaching calls and email support. (this is a Game Changer!)
Submit your bid, negotiate deals, create teaming relationship or joint ventures strategically.

what you will learn...

You will learn the complete ‘A to Z’ to  get your first bid done.

Five Phases

You will go through the FIVE Phases of the Government Contracting Framework: Position, Perform, Profit, Partner, and Pace



The Government is looking for you! It’s your job to help them find you and be ready… positioned correctly, pricing solid, able to perform, partnered up if needed, and able to write a responsive proposal, especially if your goal is to win six and seven-figure contracts. 

With this being a self-paced course, it will allow you to work at your own pace and have the time to actually implement while still running your business and generating income. Win-win!!

by the end of the course

  • Be positioned and qualified to bid on contracts with the government, and understand capacity and preferences so that you can align with the agency’s mission 
  • Be ready to perform by knowing your target clients, and the opportunities you will bid, and define your approach so that you’re aligned with your client and ready to bid contracts you have a REAL shot at winning
  • Master the government bid process, understand solicitations, the scope of work, requirements, and pricing, write your proposal to the requirements, and submit your proposal with confidence in your price and ability to perform so that you can increase your win ratio and bottom-line profits
  • Strategically negotiate deals that are mutually beneficial and outrageously profitable so that you can expand your resources, and increase your capacity and project size which will allow you to take your business to the next level… those million-dollar contracts
  • Be proactive in your approach to government contracting with the right marketing and business development activities so that you have a steady flow of qualified leads that builds your pipeline 

contractors edge bootcamp will transform your business


  • Complete SAM registration
  • Get Certifications
  • Find opportunities to bid that you qualify for
  • Understand Solicitations, scope of work, and requirements
  • Price to Profit
  • Write responsive Proposals
  • Increase your Capacity
  • Expand Resources
  • Build profitable Relationship with key decision makers, primes, subcontractors
  • Create new business opportunities 
  • Get your FIRST BID DONE 
  • …Rinse and repeat

Results Clients Are Getting After Just A Few Weeks In The BOOTCAMP


Contractors Edge Bootcamp teaches you the most evidence-based practices for navigating the government RFP process now.

So when the government contracting world makes major changes (and it has in the last few years)…

Or we discover a way to make bidding on government contracts easier for you…

We update the program.

And with LIFETIME access to the Contractors Edge Bootcamp, you get every single future update dropped directly into your library – free of charge.

So you’ll ALWAYS stay ahead of the game when it comes to government contracting. 

100%+ roi!!!





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Step 3: After your payment is received, you will be directed to the training platform where you will be able to get started immediately.

That’s it!! You’re good to go!! 

See you on the inside. 

You're just one contract away!

$48,500 Contract

Tiffani | Landscaping

$88,000 Contract

Kimberlyn | Products

$468,500 Contract

Tesa | Professional Training

FINALLY, Get Your First Bid Done Fast!  With On-Demand Video Training, Group Coaching, and Email Support…
Get Your Piece Of The Trillion-Dillion Government Pie

Course + Group Coaching


Choose the plan that’s right for you and join us today! 

Thanks to Felicia’s Bootcamp, I transformed an idea into $96,000 worth of contracts, including a lucrative 5-year deal, all within six months—a testament to her effective guidance and support.

– Tamara

Meet Felicia DUPREE

Government Contracting Strategist

Hey there! Welcome to the community.

I equip my clients, minority small business owners, with the strategies and tools to secure government contracts by positioning, performing, pricing, partnering, and pacing, Felicia can take your business from your first contract, to six figures, to a million dollar year, to million dollar contracts in record time. 

I took my business from $23,000 to over $7,000,000 in 18 months. And, the tools that I share within the Bootcamp detail how I was able to do so.

Now, with over 20 years of experience growing minority-owned small businesses, I’ve learned a lot of tips, tricks, and strategies plus a few no-no’s that I get to share with you.

Thanks to our collaboration, I’ve successfully navigated key government certifications, strategic partnerships, crucial meetings with agency officials, and established robust bidding processes, setting a strong foundation for sustained growth and success. 

– Kelley


If you’re ready to get started and you have a specific question we haven’t addressed, then please don’t let that stop you from making a decision! Just contact us below and let’s get you sorted out and to a decision immediately.

The Contractors Edge and Felicia provide invaluable empowerment and support, fostering trust, integrity, and honesty, with structured, prioritized training materials that streamline business development for successful government contracting, ensuring long-term success beyond the Boot Camp.

– Charles

State Contract Won

Candace | Professional Training

Bidding Contracts

Leila | Marketing Agency

$96,000 Total Awards

Tamara | Construction Services

Felicia’s informative YouTube videos convinced me of her expertise, and now, her personalized guidance is transforming my stagnant business into a flourishing success in government contracting—truly invaluable!

– Ira 

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