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In the Contractors Edge Bootcamp 2.0, we help small Business owners get their first bid done fast

Bid and Win Your First Government Contract...Fast

The Mission...

We’re on a mission to change the game for women, service disabled veterans, and minority business owners by giving you the strategy and tools to become a six-figure government contractor so that you can take advantage of all the set-asides, build past performance, and prepare for larger government contracts. Let’s change the game for yourself, your family, and your generations to come.

When I last spoke with you I was thinking about teaming with an 8a firm well I stepped out on faith. Well, I entered into a joint venture program with them and it has paid off. We were awarded our first contract which was an IDIQ fixed price for 5 years. The dollar amount of this contract has changed our life no really I’m not joking. We get started the first week in February. The total is 49.9 million equals 9.9 Million a year.

I followed the steps you gave: planning, positioning in the marketplace, built a profitable partnership, increased my capacity to perform, implemented profit strategies, and controlled my pace. Thank you for your help.

– Ernesco

It’s typical for clients in our Contractors Edge Bootcamp 2.0 to make six figures. This happens because we infuse a strategic blend of foundation building and proactive strategies that accelerates winning a government contract

Through working directly with us, clients will receive a step-by-step framework and the average client sees the following results:

Competitive Advantage
Leverage Set-Asides
Build Partnerships
Submit Proposal

Five Phase Online Training Modules You Can Use Immediately

With Lifetime Access to practical step-by-step videos to walk you through the PRECISE strategies you need to become a Government Contractor

Resources and Plug and Play Templates (PDFs, checklist, spreadsheets with formulas) and Exercises to assist in Responding to Proposals to Fast-Track your ability to bid competitively without having to figure it all out on your own so you can implement everything you’ve learned in this course

Weekly Live Mentorship Sessions – One Sessions Per Week Over Six Weeks

With step-by-step guidance to position you to win government contracts and get all of your tough questions answered

Feedback/Critique and Bid Reviews during group calls

Proposal Review prior to submission

Lifetime Access to Course Material.

Six Group Coaching Calls via Zoom – Held Weekly

Six Month Access to Partnership Opportunities (Coming Soon)

After starting from scratch, with just an idea, I won my first contract in 60 days of starting the Bootcamp with Felicia. Within 90 days, I’d won 2 more and now in less than 6 months I’ve won a total of $96,000 in contracts plus a 5-year contract! This was really good. Thanks Felicia.

– Tamara

first bid done fast

$48,500 Contract

Tiffani | Landscaping

$88,000 Contract

Kimberlyn | Products

$468,500 Contract

Tesa | Professional Training

As a company Contractors Edge and Felicia empower you while encouraging and incorporating trust, integrity, and honesty. Each week you are assigned short-term tasks and objectives. Your business relationship continues long after the Boot Camp. The potential value and benefits of the Contractors Edge Boot Camp are immeasurable.

You are taught the steps for getting setup in various government contract related systems. How to get visibility for your service offerings. Felicia provides easily accessible checklists, guides, audio and visual training material. The training material is prioritized, structured, reusable and very well organized.

As a tool, the training assists you in your business development and strategic planning and helps organize your business for servicing government contracts. Felicia also provides quick responses to your questions and an understanding of the tools you need to gain contracts and related leads.

– Charles Reid

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what you will learn...


Phase 1


Is about strategically POSITIONING your business with a solid Government Foundation to improve your win rates.

Phase 2


Begin increasing capacity to PERFORM in your sweet spot to ensure that you hit six figures and maintain repeat customers while eliminating the ‘overworked feeling’.


Phase 3


Focuses on bids, winning and PROFIT tools, steps and strategies to secure government contracts, increase your revenue and implementing bottom line profit strategies that are revealed in your bank account.

Phase 4


Create PARTNER relationships that are mutually beneficial and outrageously profitable to expand resources and project size.

Phase 5


Controlling your PACE for your Next Level as you step into the CEO role and have fun in your life and business, cultivate a team environment that’s vested in your vision, and control growth for long term sustainment.

Results Clients Are Getting After Just A Few Weeks In The BOOTCAMP

I researched Mrs. Streeter a great deal before I solicited her services. It was actually her thorough and informative YouTube videos that won me over as a customer. I was confident, based on the passion she showed in her videos, that the future of my company would be in good hands, and that it’d have a solid foundation. Our phone meetings have proven to be extremely worthwhile, as she provides nuggets that I’m sure are not common knowledge.

Prior to soliciting her services, my business was stagnant and definitely unproductive. Now, Mrs. Streeter is guiding me step-by-step to ensure that my business is successful and flourishes in government contracting. If anyone questions the value of her program, please have them call/email me. I’ll be happy to talk to them about it.

– Mr. Ira McMillan, Right Click Learning Solutions, LLC

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I'm excited to be your teacher

State Contract Won

Candace | Professional Training

Bidding Contracts

Leila | Marketing Agency

$96,000 Total Awards

Tamara | Construction Services

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Within and after our time together I’ve Submitted our 8(a) application, Submitted our Hubzone application, Submitted our DBE application, Established a marketing strategy, Entered into 1 JV and 1 teaming agreement with an 8(a), Met with the SBA, Chief of Engineering and Contracting Officers for the USACE districts that I am targeting. Established a system for bidding (full proforma), Cleaned up my back office and quick books by establishing financial controls/processes, Published my financials in GAAP format.

– Kelley

Meet Felicia streeter

Government Contracting Strategist

Hey there! Welcome to the community.

I equip my clients, minority small business owners, with the strategies and tools to secure government contracts by positioning, performing, pricing, partnering, and pacing, Felicia can take your business from your first contract, to six figures, to a million dollar year, to million dollar contracts in record time. 

I took my business from $23,000 to over $7,000,000 in 18 months. And, the tools that I share within the Bootcamp detail how I was able to do so.

Now, with over 20 years of experience growing minority-owned small businesses, I’ve learned a lot of tips, tricks, and strategies plus a few no-no’s that I get to share with you.

Commonly Asked Questions

If you’re a service-based or product-based business, this program is for you. The government purchases both.

Yes! Although, you’d get to the bid table faster with an established business, you can jump in and start putting things in place and learning while you get your business formation set up. 

This course is designed for people at all levels in their business. You learn everything from the very beginning! We start with building a solid government foundation to make sure you get your business set-up and assure you have a solid foundation for government contracting.

The government buys just about everything. If you’re unsure if the government purchases your services, I’d recommend you watch this video to determine if the government is your customer before purchasing this Bootcamp. Click this link for video one and this link for video two.

I know government contracting. I’ve worked for several government agencies and interpreting congressional laws similar to the FAR. I hold an MBA in Entrepreneurial and Strategic Management. The Bootcamp is built on a foundation of execution and results. After my own training and industry experience what was missing was very clear. With our accountability and support built into the phases and the planner, you have everything you need to succeed. The goal of the Bootcamp is to get your first government contract and move your business to six figures.

When you join the Bootcamp, you’ll get access to the project planner which details every step of every phase so that it’s easy for you to implement. The phases are designed to be completed in a 60-90 day timeframe. Although some clients have moved at a faster pace. Remember it’s self paced, so you’re able to move at a speed that works for you. 

There is one call per week. There is the perfect amount of people on each call! Everyone gets the opportunity to ask their questions about what they’ve learned going through the material. 

Due to the nature of this Bootcamp, there are no refunds issued. If you have any questions, please contact support at [email protected].

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I'm excited to be your teacher


If you have a specific question we haven’t addressed, then please don’t let that stop you from making a decision! Just contact us below and let’s get you sorted out and to a decision immediately.

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