Are you mentally taking yourself out of the game?

Have you been thinking there is too much competition in the government marketplace?  

Surprisingly for most, there are at least three ways the competition is eliminated within the government marketplace and YOU don’t have to let it stop you from walking down contracts.

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Is there competition in the government marketplace? I can’t tell you how many times I’m asked this question. So I wasn’t shocked when Rhea and Phillip asked that same question on the same day.

  • Q – Is there competition in the government marketplace for what I do?
  • A – There’s competition in ALL markets, which is a good thing.

Would you rather provide a product or service with no competition that nobody wants or competition and they want it? It’s basically supply and demand.

Now let’s talk about competition and how I break it down for my clients.

My question to you is there competition in the private sector? I believe there is competition in ALL markets if you see it that way. If you have a viable product or service there are ways to reduce the competition.

I just love the opportunities in the government marketplace.

If you feel like you’re out the game here’s how to put yourself back in the game. It’s a mindset thing.

They way I look at the competition…there is none. Nobody can do what I do like I dot it. Yea, I’m that girl.

There are only the limits that you put on yourself.

Here are three ways to AUTOMATICALLY LIMIT the competition in the government marketplace.

Business Preferences

This is a tool we use with clients in our Contractor’s Edge Bootcamp. Depending on your business preference it reduces the number of companies bidding on a particular solicitation.

  • Only bid projects on the East Coast
  • Want projects that can work remotely
  • Want multiple year contracts

Capacity to Perform

The level at which your company can play in the government marketplace is different for each company. These things limit the competition.

  • Bonding limits
  • Float multiple projects
  • Manpower


Contracting officers have the ability to set-aside contracts that are certified in a particular category. They can set aside based on certification categories. If a project was set-aside for Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) mean those that are not certified WOSB can’t bid the project. Few examples…

  • Woman Owned Small Business
  • Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business
  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
  • HUBZone


When you build key relationships you have the opportunity to get upcoming projects set aside to your advantage. OMG – this is a game changer and I teach you how to do this during the Contractor’s Edge Bootcamp.

Phillip and Rhea if you want to get into government contracting and you want to play with the big boys just do it!

Get your business set up, certified and learn how to walk down government contracts.

Get your mind right around the competition thing and focus not on competition but walking down contracts. Just go get it.

Now, I’m showing YOU how to get the Contractor’s Edge and making your contracting dreams a reality.

In growing your business into one that allows you to pay yourself more, increase your bottom line profits, gives you fuel while bringing the fun back into your business, makes you a lot of money and changes your life and the legacy you leave for your generations to come.

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