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the step-by-step system to help you find, bid, and close more government contracts


The complete A-Z Contractor's Implementation Plan for Confidently Bidding and Creating Your Profitable Government Contracting Business.  I will teach you how to build a success  government contracting business, increase your income no matter where you're at in the process, stay motivated, prospect for contracts, and make deals.  

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confidently bid your first contract within in 60 days

and claim your piece of the largest customer spending budget in the world!

start bidding and submitting proposals In 60 days or less?

Without overwhelm, systems hang-ups, and "what do I do next question".

Even if you already have a successful business that's profitable...Did you know as a government contractor you can...


  • Increase your contract award values. Even if you're happy with your current contracting portfolio, your profits increase when you're contracting with the biggest spender in the world.


  • Significantly increase your capacity to perform, the size of contract awards you can handle and your attractiveness as a government contractor.


  • Immediately increase your desirability and viability with lead generation that can lead to teaming arrangements, subcontracting opportunities and other opportunities that can lead to increased income.

Cash Flow

  • With the wealth of opportunities, trillions of dollars being awarded each year through various government contracting vehicles, you can win single award contracts to multiple year IDIQ contracts that will allow you to scale and grow your business.

you'll implement the steps you learn inside this bootcamp so you can start bidding, submitting proposals, and winning contracts!


Contractor's Edge Bootcamp, Includes The Following Topics...

  • Increasing your capacity and building past performance

  • Killer capabilities statement creation

  • Contracting opportunities

  • Navigating the Federal contracting systems

  • Finding your customers - agencies and buyers

  • Proposal writing strategies and preparation

  • Teaming agreements and structuring the deal

  • Strategies to Winning Contracts

  • Creating profitable relationships

  • Answering bids

  • Subcontractor / Prime Contracting

  • Lead generation

  • Funding and floacting projects

  • No bid contracts less than $25k

I get you to the contracting table. It’s up to you to close the deal.
— Felicia Streeter

contractor's edge bootcamp

is the first bootcamp that...

  • Is built with focus and quick implementation in mind. No fluff. No fillers. It's straight up no chaser information and action steps to implement without stress and overwhelm.

  • Teaches you how to bid and submit proposals on contracts.

  • Focus on what's important to win contracts and increase your capacity to perform.

  • Goes step-by-step. I don't take anything for granted in my teaching level is that I keep it simple so that even a 3rd grader can get it and you can build your contracting business with confidence.

here's how it all breaks down

Module 1

Ready To Perform On Projects

  • Before you pave the way for finding contracting opportunities you've got to get clear on your capacity to perform on projects. It also gives you a frame work of where you need to start and areas you need to increase your capacity to perform on projects.

module 2

Who's Your Customer?

In this module we'll be getting up close and personal with your business preferences and the preferences of your ideal customer, they will be in alignment. Stop wasting time chasing and bidding contracts that you have NO chance at winning. Identify your ideal customers for increasing your win ratio. This activity will change your future forever. 

module 3

finding opportunities

This is where you start ramping up your understanding of current and future opportunities (forecasting) and seeking contracting opportunities you have a shot at winning. Get crystal clear on who's buying what you sell and creating your own contracting plan. 

module 4


It's not just enough to identify your customers and then only seek contracts from them. You've actually got to take the necessary steps to find opportunities to increase your rate of success, see results, and this is where you start building the necessary past performance as a government contractor. You'll learn how to get the experience you need to win your fist government contract as a prime.  


module 5

bidding and proposal preparation 

Here are a couple ways you can submit for contracts IFB, RFP and unless you prepare for both you're setting yourself up for set backs. you must understand what's required for you to be responsive with your submissions, things that trip most people up, when just starting out or when you've been bidding for sometime with no success. Time to start your contract submissions. 


module 6

Teaming arrangements and joint ventures

In this final module, it's time to integrate your new found strategies into a nice bow and increase your capacity to perform through teaming arrangements as quickly as possible so that you effortlessly implement what you've learned into a new normal when it comes to government contracting. 

>>> here you find, build, and lock down your first teaming arrangement <<<


Sam Registration Training

Planning to do work with the federal government? This is the required first step. Proper registration is essential to getting on the government's radar so you can submit and be awarded contracts. This is a great resource if you haven't completed your registration and even if you've already registered this is a great review just to make sure you haven't missed any key information.


Certification Training  

Not sure why you need certifications? If you qualify and which you need? I've got you covered in this training on certifications. It's jammed packed full of everything you need to fast track your certification preparation and submission. Determine what certifications are available, which you qualify, where to apply, and how to quickly complete your packages and submit in half the time.

I’m responsible for what you know. Your actions determine how far you will go.
— My coach

what would it be worth to you and your business if…

  • In just 5 weeks from now you were bidding your first government contract confidently knowing you had a chance at winning.

  • You can finally have your government contracting business ready to take advantage of opportunities and positioned to increase your revenue.

  • You had 100% confidence in your contracting activities and ability to win contracts.

  • You had every step in the Contractor's Edge Bootcamp simply laid out for you to understand and implement with ease.

  • You knew what creating your best deal looks like and going to get it (priceless!).

  • You learned marketing strategies to never leave money on the table and use your fastest path to your first or next government contract.

  • You knew how to find out about projects before they hit the street - giving you time to position your company to be ahead of your competitors and perpared to perform at the capacity required.

that's the opportunity i want to present to you today


  • Video and Audio Training Modules

  • Daily emails implementation prompts

  • Contractor's Edge Project Plan and Checklist

  • 3-Month Access

When you add it all up, that's a total value of $5,000!

(ridiculously small compared to the value of the asset you'll be creating)

But because I'm super excited to welcome you into the growing group of small business owners building their government contracting business the RIGHT way (and thus impacting their contracting goals and profits), I'm giving you the opportunity to enroll in Contractor's Edge Bootcamp TODAY at the special promo price of just…




Access to Contractor's Edge

The Contractor's Edge Master Plan

Proposal Preparation and Teaming Arrangement Templates

How to Build Government Past Performance Quickly


If you have any questions or concerns about the course, 
please contact us.

the contractor's edge bootcamp is perfect for you if...

You find yourself nodding and saying yes with any of the following, then you are in a perfect position to enroll in the Contractor's Edge Bootcamp and have your first contract bid or proposal ready for submission in just over 30 days.

  • You already have your business established and an ideal of what you'll offer the government.

  • You know that becoming a government contractor is your next big move to impact your contracting goals and increase your income.

  • You feel that what you have to offer is something the government purchases and you refuse to sit on the side lines and watch the trillions of dollars go to other businesses and not get your piece of the pie.

  • You look forward to the step-by-step instructions of this course and the hand-holding especially when it comes down to the bid and proposal stuff.

  • You're ready to roll up your sleeves and do the work. You're even looking forward to putting in the time and effort knowing that every step you take brings you one step closer to building your profitable government contracting business.

  • You're committed to being fully focused on building your government contracting business over the next 6-8 weeks, knowing that all the ideas and strategies will be more impactful and powerful once you actually have access to the Contractor's Edge Bootcamp.

  • You're all for making money and having fun and welcome the idea of connecting with a community of like-minded government contractors.

if any of the above has your attention, then I can't wait to welcome you to the contractor's edge bootcamp and reward your commitment with the most COMPLETE implementation bootcamp available.

Sequencing Steps

Most programs don't share the pitfalls to watch out for. You will develop a plan of action that will cut your time of implementing in half.  

Concept understanding

It's often times difficult to implement when you don't know the why behind your actions. Allow me to help you with the why and how so that you can implement with confidence.

Feeling of Acomplishment

Far too many individuals get stressed and overwhelmed with the government contracting process when it's not producing the results they want. If that is you, this course will help you fall back in love with  your business and confidently show up as a qualified contractor. 

You May Be Asking...Felicia, How Long Will It Take for Me To Win My First Contract?

It's a great question, yet I have no way of answering that question. What I can tell you with 100% confidence...if you bid no contracts, you will NOT WIN a contract. You should create a minimum goal of bidding a couple projects per month when starting out. With a couple bids per month that's twenty-four bids in a year. Something will be awarded with twenty-four bids.

Please note: We cannot guarantee and awards for any contract based on the Federal Acquisition Regulations [FAR].


When I last spoke with you I was thinking about teaming with an 8a firm well I stepped out on faith. Well I entered into a joint venture program with them and it has paid off. We were awarded our first contract which was an IDIQ fixed price for 5 years. The dollar amount of this contract has changed our life no really I'm not joking.

We get started the first week in February 2018. The total is amount is 49.9 million equals 9.9 Million a year. 

I followed the steps you gave the "Six P's." I positioned, I built, I increased, I implemented, and I controlled with the end result a BIG contract!  Thank you for your help.

- Ernesco Oliver, BI FINISHES LLC

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As a company Contractors Edge and Felicia empower you while encouraging and incorporating trust, integrity, and honesty. Each week you are assigned short-term tasks and objectives. Your business relationship continues long after the Boot Camp. The potential value and benefits of the Contractors Edge Boot Camp are immeasurable.

You are taught the steps for getting setup in various government contract related systems. How to get visibility for your service offerings. Felicia provides easily accessible checklists, guides, audio and visual training material. The training material is prioritized, structured, reusable and very well organized.

As a tool, the training assists you in your business development and strategic planning and helps organize your business for servicing government contracts. Felicia also provides quick responses to your questions and an understanding of the tools you need to gain contracts and  related leads. Charles Reid

Working with Mrs. Streeter has been very knowledgeable.  She takes the time to explain the steps of each process.  Coming into the program I didn’t understand that there were certain steps that I must follow in order to make the process work better for my own business.  

Her vast knowledge helped me look for the information that I needed to at a faster and more accurate pace than I had done before starting the program.  

Following Felicia’s steps makes her program easy to understand and guide you through the contract in a couple of days and allows you to focus on the main points of a contract.  These things eliminate wasted time if you are thinking of bidding on something that you are not qualified for.  She makes it clear that you should pick 3-5 customers and focus on them, make them your foundation.

Viewing the different modules allows you to focus on things that you may not have thought about before.

Working with Felicia has been great for my learning in all areas of my business.  - Patrick Morrow  


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. When Does The Program Begin And End?

Contractor's Edge Bootcamp begins when you sign up with access to training modules plus any of the amazing bonuses you received. Information on bonuses will be sent via a separate email. When joining CEB, you’ll be learning all of the best game-changing secrets that I’ve used to go from $23K to $7 Million in 18 months. The best part though, is that you’ll have the time and support that is truly needed to create results, winning your first government contract, without coming out of one more group program feeling like something was missing and you failed to create the ROI that you desired.

Q2. I'm Not Totally Clear On Who's My Customer In The Federal Government Yet. Is This Course For Me?

Yes! We talk about determining this in module #2, which will help you to get super clear on who's your customers as well as expanding on the topic in other modules.

Q3. If I Am Just Starting My Business Is This Program Still Appropriate For Me?

Yes! If you are starting a new business for the very first time. This Bootcamp is for those that are just getting started and those that's been in business for a while and are already set up in the federal contracting systems and certifications hanging on the wall already or have submitted them!

This Bootcamp is all about having a solid government foundation, expanding your business and positioning you for your next level of growth and development with federal contracting. If you’ve been in business for some time and are now at the point of diversifying by adding federal contracting, you’ll enjoy the pace of this Bootcamp.

Q4. I'm Already In The Federal Government's Systems And Have Applied For My Certifications (Or Already Received My Certifications). How Will The Bootcamp Help Me?

Small business owners purchase the Bootcamp for the federal marketing plan alone. What some find in purchasing the Bootcamp is that they have more contracting opportunities than they'd originally realized. And they may have won a contract or two, but they haven't figured out how to keep their pipeline and backlog full. Their current marketing plan or the lack of a federal marketing plan is where they are stuck. And quite honestly, they purchase the Bootcamp because the investment is less than working with me privately.

Q5. Will I Be Able To Ask Questions?

Of course! You’ll have the chance to experience laser coaching with me during your breakthrough session call.

Q6. I'm Not In Construction. Is This Bootcamp Right For Me?

Yes. I believe so. When you get these pieces in place, they will apply to anything you plan on selling or offering to the government. Whether you’re in transportation, trucking, IT, professional development and training, janitorial services, administrative support, a contractor of AND kind these strategies will serve you well and create bigger profits. If you’re still unsure, email us: with your questions.

Q7. How Is Your Bootcamp Different From Other Group Courses?

One of the biggest differences is that this course gives you Daily Email Support and Weekly Accountability that enables you to begin gaining clarity around who's your customer from the beginning of the course, instead of having to wait too long before you begin attracting government opportunities.

While I realize that there are many amazing coaches teaching you how to win contracts, I’m teaching this material in a way I don’t see done often. We are here to teach this information in a sequenced way that doesn’t feel overwhelming and difficult to implement. This course has the perfect mix of structure that really support a custom government contracting process and provide clarity. It also gives an approach that enables you to avoid burnout. Most importantly, this Bootcamp was designed to take the time it does because it’s the time that is truly needed for so many. While shorter programs exist, we’ve found that many are left feeling unable to implement and rushed to get results before they have time to go through an advanced process to winning their first contract.

Q8. What If I Change My Mind And Want A Refund?

We would never want you to be unhappy! However, all sales are final as this is a digital product and you will have access to the entire program.

Please note: We cannot guarantee and awards for any contract based on the Federal Acquisition Regulations.


You know in your heart that you’re so close to having a successful government contracting business and winning your first contract. If You only had the support & proven system to Help You...


You deserve the chance to go after and achieve your dreams, and this is it. Don’t hesitate, because this can be the moment everything changes for you…

It only takes one decision for you to make all your dreams come true. Make the decision and then make the decision right! - Felicia Streeter


You know, the thing is that you already know that you're meant to get your piece of the trillion-dollar government marketplace pie – maybe it shows up in your conversations or a feeling when working your commercial projects or at work that you could be collecting on your piece of the trillion-dollar pie  – regardless, you know it to be true.

So if any of the above resonates With You, then I can't wait to welcome you to the contractor's Edge bootcamp and reward  your commitment with the most COMPLETE implementation program available for government contractors Just like you.

get started today

ready to give myself permission>>>




Access to Contractor's Edge

The Contractor's Edge Master Plan

Proposal Preparation and Teaming Arrangement Templates

How to Build Government Past Performance Quickly


If you have any questions or concerns about the course, 
please contact us.

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Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money or land a contract.