I can’t tell you how many brilliant ideas I come up with. I even share them. And I know they’re brilliant ideas because they are out there in the marketplace. Lots of money is being made.

The only problem is I’m not making any of that money! The reason why is because I never brought it to market! I allowed the “WHAT IF’S” and “SHOULD OF’S” stop me.

Looking back it was nothing more than fear of the unknown. It’s no different than the woman staying in a bad relationship because she’s afraid of what could be.

You know the saying, “you know what you got, but you don’t know what you might get.” Yeah, I’ve said it too. Come on admit it, you’ve said it at some point too.

For me – it’s always been idea, idea, after idea, yet never putting it into action.

Maybe it went something like this for you:

  • You want to launch your services, but you don’t – you’re thinking
  • WHAT IF they want to see my website, but it’s not up yet
  • WHAT IF they won’t purchase at my price


Can you relate?

Back to my story – Then next thing I know I’m watching someone else implement my brilliant idea and are MAKING BANK!


I finally got tired of the WHAT IF’S and SHOULDING all over myself to the point that this year, I chose my word for the year to be “decisive” make the decision quick then make the decision right.

Now you might be stuck around some WHAT IF’S like…  

  • Do I do my bookkeeping myself?
  • Do I outsource my bookkeeping by hiring a bookkeeper?
  • Can I even do it myself or do I even want to?

Maybe you were decisive. You decided to do it yourself, but you have questions. It feels overwhelming and downright frustrating at times. And you just need some reassurance that you’re on the right track and that you’re doing things correctly and that you’re not missing anything.

If this is you, I’d say get some training.

Let me break this down for you…

I’ve watch medical TV shows since ER back in the day. I now watch Grey’s Anatomy and Chicago Med. By watching these medical shows doesn’t mean I could offer you medical advice.

I know that just by watching the shows that I’m not capable of performing an operation if you needed one. I’m quite sure that if you did need an operation you wouldn’t allow me to do it just because I’ve been watching the medical TV shows. Am I right?

I’m here for you. If you could relate to the bookkeeping example and need help with your bookkeeping? I can definitely help you with that.

I’ve finished putting together a few new touches on the Entrepreneur’s Edge Money Bootcamp and I am so excited about sharing it with you! This is a game change especially if you need to get your bookkeeping done so you can file your taxes?

You’ll save on the low-end $1,653 in bookkeeping services this year and then at least $2,400 every year after just by learning to do it yourself. And that’s just with a bookkeeper. There is more to be saved once you learn how to be efficient and track tax deductions.

Check out the page here for the full breakdown: Entrepreneur’s Edge (there are some amazing bonuses if you join today!) 

There’s an EXTENDED payment plan for the Entrepreneur’s Edge Money Bootcamp too! Go check it out. https://feliciastreeter.com/eebootcamp.

Make it a game changer!

– Felicia