Powerful Proposal Preparation

What is your government contracting goal this year?

✅ Get registered to do work with the government

✅ Get your certifications

✅ Bid contracts

✅ Win contracts

✅ Perform within budget and on schedule

Now here are the tough questions:

  • How much money do you want to make?
  • How many contracts will it take?
  • How much of that will be profit?

Make sure you know your numbers and what it will take to hit those numbers.

Some of you are ready to bid and start submitting proposals which is great.

I say… Do the darn thing!

Actually getting to the bid table is not for the faint of heart.

I want to give you a jump start on getting those proposals done by providing you with a couple of things:

1️⃣ Key areas of focus

2️⃣ A few training videos

When I find a potential bid opportunity I like to start with my Bid Go-No-Go Formula. Here are three questions to answer in your initial review BEFORE you start writing the proposal.

✅ Do you meet the requirements?

✅ Do you have the ability to perform the requested service?

✅ If you bid and win, will you be profitable?

There are key areas in the solicitation that are important and that will help you with answering the questions above.

  • Statement of work 
  • Description 
  • Specifications
  • Special contract requirements
  • Instruction, 
  • Conditions, 
  • Notices to offers
  • Evaluation factors for award 

Here are three training videos I created that will help you move through the Proposal Process

If your goal is to get to the bid table in the next 90 days make sure to develop your Bid Process and start bidding!!

… What I know for certain is that you have NO shot at winning if you DON’T bid.

So get in the game!

And remember… You’re just one contract away!!



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