I Have an Important Question for You

If we were breaking bread over lunch tomorrow, what question would you ask me?

If you’re struggling right now, you could very well be one answer away from getting what you want. Not to mention when you asked that one question, it would then prompt me to give you answers to questions you don’t even know to ask.

When I was a newbie to government contracting, I had one question I couldn’t find the answer for over a year.

  • I made $23,000 my first year
  • I couldn’t get bonding
  • I had no government past performance

I quickly realized there were a lot of things I didn’t know. Yes, I could continue to figure them out on my own at the pace of a turtle.

I didn’t want another year like the past year, that was poverty!

  • I knew then that I needed to surround myself with what I wanted.
  • Not people that were okay with making $23,000 a year or even $100,000 a year. I wanted more. So I needed to be around people that wanted more too.
  • Getting my questions answered quickly, not having to wait weeks for an appointment because I’m using free resources and they only have one person that can answer my questions.

With not knowing everything, I needed someone that could give me the answers to the questions I didn’t know to ask, that’s where my teacher, mentor, came into play, this was a game changer

I had to get away from the things that weren’t working for me.

That’s when I created the Contractor’s Edge Bootcamp.

It’s much more than you taking another course.

This is your chance to get around like minded contractors with goals, dreams, and the drive and determination to see it through to awarded contract.

I promise you, this is the type of thinking you want to be around.

Not for 10 minutes, a couple hours, or for a few days…

But 90 Whole Days!!!

Why haven’t you jumped on this yet? (Get the Contractor’s Edge)

Afraid of investing in yourself? Investing your money?

Don’t be like those that haven’t won their first contract and they’ve been at this for years.

Do what I did… left that lack mindset at the door.

If you’re reading this you’re:

  • Ready to experience success
  • Committed to doing big things
  • Ready to associate with go-getters

Expect that and more with the Contractor’s Edge Bootcamp.

Be the Game Changer


P.S. If you’re like me, you might be dreaming of SUCCESS. Do what I did and upgrade the people around you. Your decision. Your life. Your results. Get the Contractor’s Edge NOW.