How to recover from a lost BID in 5 simple steps

If you’re bidding contracts or ready to get started with bidding contracts, this is some MUST KNOW awesomeness for you.

In this video, I’m going to share with you 5 Key Bid numbers you should always be aware of.

Knowing these numbers are important because juicy secrets will be revealed when you look at these numbers and your metrics as a whole.

Here are the 5 Key Metrics You Should Know When Bidding Your Next Contract…

  1. Bid Number
  2. Won Number
  3. Last Bid Amount
  4. That Bid Award Amount
  5. Indirect / Direct Cost

There may also be other reasons you didn’t win the contract. You must seek the answer from outside sources.

You must ask?

Ask any questions that you have that maybe you felt you were lacking but submitted the bid anyway.

Don’t be like one of clients before working with me where they’d bid over 50 contracts with no success!

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