How To Get Your First Government Contract

Do you know what you can do to get your first contract? No. You’ve probably been trying without success. You’re not alone in asking that question.

The mistake most people make is these three things:

  • Thinking you can go straight in as a prime contractor
  • Thinking prime contracting is the only way to a government contract
  • Not accessing your capability to perform

Let me explain…

The government spends more money with small businesses than anyone else. Trillions of dollars every year. It’s the government just like taxes, there’s a lot of paperwork and the government has their own beat that they dance to.

Jumping straight into a contract from the government may not be your reality. They have requirements and one of those requirements is that they either require or would like for you to already have past performance in government contracting.

Depending on the product or service you provide things could be quite complex, there could be additional requirements outside the norm.

Going in as a prime just might not be the best option for you starting out. One mistake could cost you your government contracting business. Have you heard the word disbarred? Look it up in the FAR.

Stop leaving money on the table. Thinking prime contracting is the ONLY way to get your piece of the trillion-dollar pie can have you missing out on a lot of money. Prime contractors are awarded millions and sometimes billion dollar contracts. Are you ready for that level of contracts?

Guess what the prime contractors have to ad hear too? A subcontracting plan. A percentage of work to the various set-a-sides (WOSB, DBE, Veteran, SDVOB and others).

You may not be ready for a million dollar or even a billion dollar contract, but wouldn’t it be nice to get your foot in the door and get a high 5-figure of 6-figure contract? How could that change your life? Your business?

Pass the Point – Start where you are. In this case, baby steps work just fine.

Being a risk taker is cool. But this is not the time. This step is almost always forgotten, or given haphazard time. Selecting contracts to bid on should be determined in consideration of your business preferences and your capacity to perform. Make sure your capacity to perform meets your customer’s minimum standards.

Start with personnel, cash flow, and bonding and insurance if required. Getting your first contract becomes easier when you find the missing pieces to you landing your first government contract.

Pass the Point: It all begins with you knowing your customer.

Here’s the thing, even though there may be many agencies that could be your customer, you can’t work with them all.

Start with three agencies, start small and date them all. Trust me there’s a lot of work and time in dating. No different than dating in your personal relationships.

In my Bootcamp, the Contractor’s Edge, I show you how to determine who your three customers should be:

  • 3 agencies
  • 3 prime contractors

It’ll save you time, money, and man-hours. Plus get you to your first government contract sooner rather than later.


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