How I landed a $559K contract with one email!

Do you really know the power of email?

I’m asking because I didn’t. I believed that I had to go out networking, attend industry days, and trade shows to land contracts.

Now I’m not saying these marketing activities don’t work or that they’re not important because they are! If I said any different I’d be living by a double standard, which isn’t cool. Plus I teach my clients how to create and implement their government marketing game plan in the Contractor’s Edge program.

The day I sat at my desk and decided to send some emails, my business changed. Heck, it changed my life!

My idea of what was possible for my business changed literally in a week!

Let’s back this up a little bit. In order for me to send one email and landing a contract to be possible, I had to know a few things:

  • Who’s my customer
  • Who’s the decision maker
  • My business preferences

I didn’t buy a company. I grew my company as a start up. So I knew what services I would and could provide. I knew how far I was willing to travel and I knew my capacity to perform.

After researching and finding out who were my customers in the government industry, I then was able to find out who the decision makers where that put out the type of contracts I was looking for and wanted contracts.

I created a list of agencies that included the decision makers and their contact information. When I went to work. I sent less than 25 emails which weren’t  a lot because I was focusing ONLY on my ideal customer.

My hustle was I created an email…

  • Checking in to assure that I was speaking to the right person, the decision maker
  • What I understood their mission to be
  • How they achieve their mission
  • How my company could help and support them in that effort
  • Who I am, me not the company
  • My company certifications
  • My company experience related to work they might need to fulfill their mission

HOT DOG within a couple days I received a reply from one of the emails I’d sent.

Come to find out they had a NEED! And the service my company provided was EXACTLY what they needed. They were trying to find a contractor that provided the type of work my company provided, talk about making his work easier.

I mean this was the easiest contract we’ve ever won and from an email.

Many contracts go un-awarded to small business owners because the contracting officers can’t find small businesses qualified to perform! Maybe it was being in the right place at the right time. I’ll take it $559,248 contract.

This was a cash flow contract for us. Can you say GAME CHANGER? That’s what it was for us $11,651 a month for 48 months. Yes after that $23K year, with this contract we would make in two months more than we’d made the previous year! Mind blowing.

Knowing I’d be able to pay my bills, pay myself consistently, grow my business, being able to put my son then 5 years old in private school and just having breathing room was life changing.

No more hustling 24/7 staying up late at night staring at the ceiling wondering…

  • When will we land our first contract?
  • Will we ever have a successful government contracting business?
  • Will we need to go back and get a job? (I almost threw up just typing that!) HECK N’ALL!

One year contract with 3 option years (yes, the terminology you need to know) would never have been possible if…

  • We had not registered to be a government contractor
  • We had not applied for and received our certification
  • We didn’t have a strategy for putting ourselves out there and at the expense of looking like we didn’t have a clue, okay looking like a fool
  • Where we were willing to travel and how far
  • Our capacity to perform – cause this contract we needed a building and pre-construction capital
  • We didn’t believe in our ability
  • I didn’t have the ideal to send emails and ACTUALLY hit the send button on that email

Don’t forget…

You really can have the life you crave using your government contracting business to make it happen

It’ll never happen if you don’t…

  • Get registered correctly inside the government systems
  • Get certified
  • Create you r government contracting game plan

You must make sure you’re set up and registered correctly with the government to make sure you’re able to receive contractors plus it’s the only way possible to get awarded and paid on government contracts.

Certifications are your best friend, even if you don’t’ know the why behind it, just trust me until you learn for yourself, you need to know which certifications you actually need based on your customer and the certifications they accept.

Who’s your customer and their preferences? What it’ll take to land a contract with them?

When creating deals or negotiating do you know what you need out the deal?

I’ve taken my live Bootcamp and created a home study course for you! Six modules of training from me: prompts, exercises, audio training calls, videos, fill in the blank templates and checklist on what my clients are doing and what I did to land my first contract, and more!

After implementing these 3 steps people are landing government contracts, having massive income increases, coming up with new services to provide within their current scope of services, actually LANDING  and making money, truly changing their life and business with just 1 contract.

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This is…

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