Doors are open to The Government Contracting Roadmap

I am so excited to let you know that after MONTHS of upgrading our program offers, the doors are finally open for The Government Contracting Roadmap, my self-study course for small business contractors just getting started with government contracting and that want to know the Step By Step To Finding The Keys That Unlock The Vault To The Trillion Dollar Government Marketplace.

PLUS! As an added bonus, you get FREE access to my 6-module Entrepreneur Edge Money Bootcamp, too!

The Entrepreneur Edge Money Bootcamp is regularly priced at $197, but I’ve decided to do something different…

I’m gonna give it away to everyone who joins our community through The Government Contracting Roadmap course! At the end of this course…

  • You will be properly set up for government work (which is required)
  • Your certification applications submitted
  • You will leverage the government systems to be seen, build key relationships, find work, and forecast (and not just fedbizopps)
  • You will implement your federal contracting game plan (game changer – some join just for this!)
  • You will know  what creating your best deal looks like and going to get it (priceless!)

There is MORE juicy content covered that you won’t ever need to find another course to get started!

You can get access NOW!

Here’s what you’ll be working on in the FREE program, Entrepreneur Edge Money Bootcamp, which is right on time for tax time because as a business owner, you MUST file your taxes!

  • Module #1 – 3 Things You Need to Know to Set a Solid Foundation For Your Money Management
  • Module #2 – Develop a SMART MONEY MINDSET,
  • Module #3 – Accounting system backend setup
  • Module #4 – Money Flow – Getting paid
  • Module #5 – Posting Time – How to post your transactions inside QuickBooks
  • Module #7 – Money Plan – Solve the Time and Money Trap That Most Entrepreneurs Fall Into
  • Module #8 – Integration and Celebration of wha t you’ve learned

PLUS! The first 10 people that sign up will get a bonus 1:1 private coaching session with me to work on your accounting stuff, government contracting, business stuff, whatever you need!


You’re getting the home study course, The Government Contracting Roadmap for just $297, PLUS the Entrepreneur Edge Money Bootcamp, PLUS the 1:1 coaching session with me)…can you say IT’S A DONE DEAL??

>> There is also a payment plan available to make it even MORE of a YES for you! I am SO excited about sharing this!!! <<

This is the link for you to sign up: https://feliciastreeter.com/roadmap (just a reminder that the bonus 1:1 laser coaching session is only available for the first 10 people, so act fast!!)

As a company Contractors, Edge and Felicia empower you while encouraging and incorporating trust, integrity, and honesty. Each week you are assigned short-term tasks and objectives. Your business relationship continues long after the Boot Camp. The potential value and benefits of the Contractors Edge Boot Camp are immeasurable.

You are taught the steps for getting set up in various government contract related systems. How to get visibility for your service offerings. Felicia provides easily accessible checklists, guides, audio and visual training material. The training material is prioritized, structured, reusable and very well organized.

As a tool, the training assists you in your business development and strategic planning and helps organize your business for servicing government contracts. Felicia also provides quick responses to your questions and an understanding of the tools you need to gain contracts and related leads.  – Charles Reid 

Let me know when you sign up and if you have any questions, hit reply and let me know.

I’m so excited to have you in the community!!

Be the Game Changer!


P.S. These bonuses are available today and tomorrow only. Get in NOW!