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start your government contracting business today with the…

contractors edge lab

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  • Become a contractor with the government

  • Qualify for government work

  • Start bidding opportunities


struggling trying to figure out what all you need to do to get set up and ready to bid and win federal contracts?

You KNOW you can have the success that other contractors are experiencing, but the time you're putting in trying to figure things out and move your business forward aren't paying off with navigating the federal marketplace or contracts, yet have you STUCK in terms of best next steps.

I've designed this program, Contractors Edge Lab, specifically for the contractor who desires to be... 

  • A successful contractor in the federal marketplace

  • minority owned (woman, minority, or service disabled veteran) small business with a federal contracting business plus solid federal contracting plan, systems, and structures

  • A successful business owner that lives the life you've always craved & have the business you desire to finally start winning contracts

Contractors Edge Lab is for...

  • Contractors looking to learn the essentials of federal contracting as well as the right business fundamentals

  • You if you desire a step-by-step process that shows you what to do every step of the way, right down to choosing your customer, building partnerships, increasing capacity and profits

  • Contractors needing help deciding what you'll offer the federal government, getting set you properly in the federal systems, choosing which certifications to apply for and options for submitting your certifications

  • Contractors that like to save time because you're getting swipe files… including checklist of company information needed, creating your best deal, and need to know websites

  • You if you want access to Felicia’s brain (that’s me!), how I get registered quickly, get certifications approved the first time, and become a qualified contractor with the government faster than most believe it can be done, AND my clients are doing it too!

In short, Contractors Edge Lab is a method, a system and a proven FORMULA… that my students are applying very successfully over and over.



I Sought The Help Of The Small Business Administration (SBA), Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), And Score. They Gave Me Answers To The Questions I Asked, But It Wasn't Enough To Get Me To That First Government Contract. But, I Didn't Even Know The Real Questions To Ask. This Is Probably Your Reality Too.

here’s what you will implement







I researched Mrs. Streeter a great deal before I solicited her services. It was actually her thorough and informative YouTube videos that won me over as a customer. I was confident, based on the passion she showed in her videos, that the future of my company would be in good hands, and that it’d have a solid foundation.

Our Phone Meetings Have Proven To Be Extremely Worthwhile, As She Provides Nuggets That I’m Sure Are Not Common Knowledge. Prior To Soliciting Her Services, My Business Was Stagnant And Definitely Unproductive. Now, Mrs. Streeter Is Guiding Me Step-By-Step To Ensure That My Business Is Successful And Flourishes In Government Contracting.

If anyone questions the value of her program, please have them call/email me. I’ll be happy to talk to them about it. - Mr. Ira McMillan, Right Click Learning Solutions, LLC



There's No Reason To Settle For The Scraps When You Can Play Big In The Government Marketplace. There's No Need To Keep Waiting To Pave The Path To Your First Contract. 

phase one


Proper registration is essential to getting on the government's radar so you can submit and be awarded contracts. This is a great resource if you haven't completed your registration and even if you have this is a great review just to make sure you haven't missed any key information to assure you’re taking advantage of the opportunities within this system.

  • Proper Registration For Government Work

  • Pre-registration must dos

  • What to consider

  • Registration process


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Not sure why you need certifications? If you qualify and which you need? I've got you covered in this training on certifications. It's jammed packed full of everything you need to fast track your certification preparation and submission. Determine what certifications are available, which you qualify, where to apply, and how to quickly complete your packages and submit in half the time.

  • Different types of certifications

  • Which you should acquire

  • Where to apply

  • Documentation checklist

  • Submission process




Reconnect and discovery your business preferences. Learn who's your customer, your customer preferences, their top vendors, subcontractors, past warded contracts, awarded contract amounts, set asides categories and scope of work. Evaluate your capacity to perform. Learn how to navigate the government job bank. Learn marketing strategies to never leave money on the table and use your fastest path to your first or next government contract.

  • Discover Your Sweet Spot

  • Find Buyers

  • Develop government contracting strategy

  • Killer Capabilities Statement

  • Navigate Federal Contracting Systems

  • 7-Pillars of Marketing


lab BonusES

Included with your purchase

  •  Create your best deal training

  • Communication tools, scripts and tips for primes and agencies

  • Tools and templates


You will engage with 6 modules as well as bonus materials designed to give you the life and government contracting  business of your dreams. Each module is filled with training videos, audio guides, templates, and workbook that includes websites terminology, and resource guide. This is your opportunity to become the next successful government contractor out there so take the time to explore the course guide outlined below. You’ll get registered, certified, and qualified for government work. Using…

  • (6) Audio Training Modules

  • Video Training Modules

  • Done for you templates and checklists

yes they did it!


start your contracting Business today!

Course + Bonuses= $997 VALUE!
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As a company Contractors Edge and Felicia empower you while encouraging and incorporating trust, integrity, and honesty. Each week you are assigned short-term tasks and objectives. Your business relationship continues long after the Boot Camp. The potential value and benefits of the Contractors Edge Boot Camp are immeasurable.

You are taught the steps for getting setup in various government contract related systems. How to get visibility for your service offerings. Felicia provides easily accessible checklists, guides, audio and visual training material. The training material is prioritized, structured, reusable and very well organized.

As a tool, the training assists you in your business development and strategic planning and helps organize your business for servicing government contracts. Felicia also provides quick responses to your questions and an understanding of the tools you need to gain contracts and  related leads. Charles Reid

Sequencing Steps

Most programs don't share the pitfalls to watch out for. You will develop a plan of action and implementation that will cut your time of implementing in half with a step by step.

Concept understanding

It's often times difficult to implement when you don't know the why behind your actions. Allow me to help you with the why, when, and what.

Feeling of Accomplishment

Far too many individuals get stressed and overwhelmed with the federal contracting process when it's not producing the results they want. This course will help you with the paperwork and requirements.

begin building your federal contracting business with the…

contractors edge lab!

time to learn and earn as fast as possible!

you’re going to leave with

  • Business set up and registered

  • Certification applications submitted

  • Sweet spot of opportunities

  • Federal contracting marketing plan 

  • Capabilities Statement 

  • Business ready to bid and win

Working with Mrs. Streeter has been very knowledgeable.  She takes the time to explain the steps of each process.  Coming into the program I didn’t understand that there were certain steps that I must follow in order to make the process work better for my own business.  

Her vast knowledge helped me look for the information that I needed to at a faster and more accurate pace than I had done before starting the program.  

Following Felicia’s steps makes her program easy to understand and guide you through the contract in a couple of days and allows you to focus on the main points of a contract.  These things eliminate wasted time if you are thinking of bidding on something that you are not qualified for.  She makes it clear that you should pick 3-5 customers and focus on them, make them your foundation. Viewing the different modules allows you to focus on things that you may not have thought about before.

Working with Felicia has been great for my learning in all areas of my business.  - Patrick Morrow  


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. When Does The Program Begin And End?

Contractors Edge Lab begins when you sign up with access to training modules plus any of the amazing bonuses you received. Information on bonuses will be sent via a separate email. When joining CE Lab, you’ll be learning all of the best game-changing secrets making it easy for you to implement.

Q2. I'm Not Totally Clear On Who's My Customer In The Federal Government Yet. Is This Course For Me?

Yes! We talk about determining this in module #3, which will help you to get super clear on who's your customers and finding opportunities as well as expanding on the topic in other modules.

Q3. If I Am Just Starting My Business Is This Program Still Appropriate For Me?

Yes! If you are starting a new business for the very first time. This Lab is for those that are just getting started and those that's been in business for a while! The modules focus on getting you registed, certified, and qualifed for government contracts.

This Lab is all about having a solid government foundation, expanding your business and positioning you for your next level of growth and development with federal contracting. If you’ve been in business for some time and are now at the point of diversifying by adding federal contracting, you’ll enjoy the pace of this Lab.

Q4. I'm Not In Construction. Is This Lab Right For Me?

Yes. I believe so. When you get these pieces in place, they will apply to anything you plan on selling or offering to the government. Whether you’re in transportation, trucking, IT, professional development and training, janitorial services, administrative support, a contractor of ANDY kind these strategies will serve you well for getting started with the government. If you’re still unsure, email us: with your questions.

Q5. How Is Your Course Different From Other Group Courses?

One of the biggest differences is that this course has one focus - getting qualifed for government work correctly enabling you to gain clarity around who's your customer from the beginning of the course, instead of having to wait too long before you begin attracting government opportunities.

While I realize that there are many amazing coaches teaching you how to get started with the government, I’m teaching this material in a way I don’t see done often. I'm here to teach this information in a sequenced way that doesn’t feel overwhelming and difficult to implement.

Q6. What If I Change My Mind And Want A Refund?

We would never want you to be unhappy! However, all sales are final as this is a digital product and you will have access to the entire program. Please note: We cannot guarantee and awards for any contract based on the Federal Acquisition Regulations. We cannot guarantee any awards for any contract based on the Federal Acquisition Regulations.


You Know In Your Heart That You’re So Close To Having A Successful Government Contracting Business. If You Only Had The Support & Proven System To Help You...


You Deserve The Chance To Go After And Achieve Your Dreams, And This Is It. Don’t Hesitate, Because This Can Be The Moment Everything Changes For You…

It only takes one  decision for you to make all your dreams come true. Make the decision and then make the decision right! - Felicia Streeter


You know, the thing is that you already know that you're meant to get your piece of the trillion-dollar government marketplace pie – maybe it shows up in your conversations or a feeling when at work that you could be collecting on your piece of the pie  – regardless, you know it to be true.

proud teacher moments…

Joey stopped with the excuses and realized it was just fear and that 8-months had passed since connecting with our community and that it was time for him to do something different. Get help! Joey landed a $60,000 government contract!

I really appreciate you sharing your experiences as an entrepreneur, and your wins and challenges too! I appreciate your authenticity.

I had several ah-ha moments during our time together, but I was moved when you shared how you became really comfortable, and was in your comfort zone while you were working for the other construction company, but God allowed a situation to come up that would make you uncomfortable in staying in the current position that would push and propel you forward so you would get into action about truly stepping into your calling as an entrepreneur. Your experience really resonates with me because I'm currently working through a similar situation. 

And this situation has really put me into action about achieving my goal. I know it's within my reach, and as long as I pray and stay focused, consistent, and execute the necessary action steps, I will achieve it too.  I have multiple action items that I'm currently working on now, to achieve the contractor's edge, and I'm very optimistic about the results that my action and prayer will yield.

What really stuck with is your sharing on not letting others define success for you, and don't compare yourself to others. As entrepreneurs we are at different stages in our business. My thoughts and ideas may be totally different from the way you define success, and it's totally okay. At the end of the day we have to define what success looks like for ourselves.- Cynthia Lewis

Saul he was very hesitated. In fact, he’d just opened up an office space, while he began to build his government contracting business. Pretty risky huh? Now Saul was on the verge of making a big decision for his business and wasn’t sure how it was going to work out. I’d say it worked out pretty well. Since our time together, Saul’s been able to: Get set up in the government systems, Add more areas of service, Receive his certifications, and Get laser focused on his customer, their preferences, and forecast. Saul landed 2 government contracts.

Working with Felicia yielded extraordinary results. Her energy is contagious, and I could tell she has a true and sincere passion for being of service to her clients. From the start of the call, Felicia went straight into asking great questions about my contracting needs and then went on to maximize the value of our time by engaging in an in-depth brainstorming session that really helped me target my marketing strategies and message. I would recommend her to anyone hoping to zoom in on what their business truly needs to be successful with the help of an expert strategist. - Daphne L. Valcin

When it comes to creating collaborations, Felicia Streeter is the "go to" expert. Her smart, no-nonsense business strategies are very effective in helping me to understand and sequence my steps to create a range of joint venture opportunities. Thanks to Felicia, The Million Dollar Mentor, I clearly know how to craft Irresistible Collaboration Offers and Partnerships that will help me to increase my credibility, visibility and revenues. - Leia Lewis Henderson



Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money or land a contract.