Being An Entrepreneur (It Ain’t Easy!)

Do you go around believing that you need to have everything in place before you get started with something new?

I get asked often about my journey with coaching and mentoring as the student and not the teacher. Which is why I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned from the coaches I’ve worked with over the last 3 years.

I’m sharing this so that you can see that having a coach or mentor that can help you when you struggle, hit a roadblock, or feel overwhelmed with it all is totally worth the investment. I’m even sharing some numbers. 

What you’re going to find after time is that most of the basic business stuff you already know. And getting a coach after time is more about getting a coach /consultant/mentor that can either solve your problem for you or teach you what you need to know to solve it for yourself.

I’d joined a group mastermind, $15,000 because I felt I lacked the marketing strategies in my arsenal that would take my business to the next level. Marketing to the government, which I had down pat, was awesome, but for marketing to other entrepreneurs is where I struggled. Marketing to the government and entrepreneurs is very different.

I needed to learn how to do that and be more efficient at it too because I was already running a multi-million dollar business. I didn’t have the time or the desire to continue to spin my wheels on figuring out how to market to entrepreneurs.

That mastermind didn’t deliver on what I thought it would, so I hired another coach in addition to having the coach in the mastermind program. Hence, Katrina, I thinking I spent maybe $7000 with her, could be more. She taught me more about marketing with a simple step by step system.  I’m talking about online, offline, speaking, networking. I was very impressed with Katrina!  

After doing Katrina’s Jumpstart Your Biz Live Bootcamp and then worked with her privately. I still use Katrina’s marketing strategies am I’m still talking about her and her program Jumpstart Your Biz program. If you need help with marketing, social media, (I’m not talking about being visible, I’m talking about getting clients) and speaking (I swear she speaks everywhere!) I’d definitely recommend Katrina!

This lady spoke to me because her thing is to do what you want and love and totally forget about what others think about you or what you do and post about. Cassie’s thing is if they don’t like it they can get off your page. What really warmed my heart is she believes you should be asking for the sale every day and with different offers. Like you don’t really know what they want until you ask. And you can sell without a Sales Page (thank you!). I was waiting on that permission. I was hooked.

Cassie has a program called The Focus Formula which is a game changer for me and can be for you too especially if you need help figuring out what you should be doing in your business. She also has a program called The Money Mindset Experience program which is great. She also helped me with Facebook marketing. FYI she’s straight up no chaser so be prepared, brace yourself and get ready cause she’ll take you on a ride. I definitely experience an increase from working with Cassie.

This next girl I just love her energy. Melissa’s always doing a new video training of some sort whether live stream, a challenge, or a webinar. I love watching videos while working and I know I can go to her. She’s broke the mold on content creation and messaging. I love that she’ll do a makeover live on the fly and she gives you her exact messaging word plus how to apply the same concept to your own stuff.

Melissa’s pretty transparent in that she shares exactly how she does things like how to create content in way less time than it was taking me prior to meeting her. She even pulls the cover back and let us see how she runs her business and daily activities. There is no excuse with Melissa. She keeps thing simple.

This next chick, Darnyelle, is the real deal. I’ve been following her online for a couple years at least. I was waiting for the opportunity to meet her in person and this year that happened. What I learned from her in a $49 workshop was a game changer for me and my business. Now she was pretty raw. She selected me for a makeover. She told me what to stop doing and what to continue to do. Darnyelle helped me narrow my focus thing, and said forget the rest. She told me I need to increase my rates like immediately and I did! I’ve just about tripled my monthly income that same month!

I’m not biased. I read a lot of books by men but I haven’t had the opportunity to work with a man as of yet. It’s on my bucket list. But these ladies really helped me in different areas of my business. So, you may need more than one coach at a time and definite during the life of your business you’ll need more than one.

  • Katrina taught me all things marketing
  • Cassie was mindset, sales, offer creation, and Facebook
  • Melissa was messaging, creating challenges, daily activities, and content creation
  • Darnyelle helped me narrow my focus, increase my rates, marketing, and profits

When I begin to work with each of them it was for very specific need I wanted to fulfill.

I tried the general business coach and the results of that for me was two coaches at the same time because the general coach didn’t give me what I needed.

I believe it’s okay to have multiple coaches at the same time if they’re solving different problems.

Listening to multiple coaches on the same subject matter can have you more confused and stuck than when you first started with them.

If you had multiple coaches telling you how to get to the same result you desired, it probably would all work. But none of it will work if you’re listening to multiple coaches at the same time and trying to implement a piece of what each one of them is telling you.

You’re co-mingling what you’ve learned and it’ll never work because you’re piecing together what they’re all telling you.

It’s no different than thinking you can be a Google search expert or a YouTube watching pro. Free will only get you so far as well.

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