Being A Prime Contractor With The Government

Being a prime contractor on government contracts is where the BIG BUCKS are. This is where you hear of those 6 and 7 figures and beyond contracts.

Holding the role of prime contractor comes with the weight of the project on the primes shoulders.

When you’re the prime contractor you set the tone of the project plus you don’t have to worry about chasing the customer (the government) to get paid or on time.

Being a prime contractor is a GREAT position to be in. 

Here’s what it means to be a Prime Contractor with the government. You as the prime contractor:

  • Work directly with the government agency
  • Oversee and manage subcontractors 
  • Make sure work is completed as outlined in the scope of work
  • Make sure the project is delivered on time and within budget
  • After $500K project size you must adhere to a subcontracting plan

Another requirement to being a prime contractor with the government is that they for you to have past performance as a government contractor.

There you have it what it means to be a prime contractor with the government. Are you positioned for prime contracting?

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