Stuck on where to look for contracting opportunities, watch this video for three offline marketing strategies that you can use to get the bid opportunities rolling in. These three strategies have been proven with thousands of customers in my community and clients as well. Now it’s your turn, so you’re up. 

If you missed the video where I shared the three online marketing strategies that you could use while working on projects to build up some business working on your business development, then you’re going to want to go back and watch that video, 3 Online Marketing Strategies

In this video, I’m going to share 3 offline marketing strategies you can use to get the bid opportunities rolling in.

Strategy Number One.

The first thing you could do is go out networking. If you’re in a crunch if you’re wanting cash flow in your business or you’re like, “I really want to get the contracts to roll in like yesterday. I want this to happen as soon as possible,” get out your house, get out your office and go out and network because you’re meeting people face-to-face. The like, know and trust factor can build faster, and you never know who’s out there, who you’re going to talk to and who has an opportunity at that very moment.

Did you hear me? Get out and network. Of course, you need to know what to say, but you want to get out there and network and meet people and talk to people and see what they’re working on. 

  • What do they have coming up? 
  • How can you help them? 
  • How can you support them in delivering their projects? 

Get out, start networking. There’s plenty of places to go to. Trust me, if you search the Internet, Google, you can look for local events and find somewhere to go, I can guarantee you there’s an event that you can attend this week or next week where you can go out: 

  • Start mingling with people 
  • Having conversations 
  • Finding opportunities 

I challenge you to do it. 

Strategy Number Two.

The second thing that you can do offline is conferences. Now, I know I just shared networking events, but most events are anywhere from an hour to a few hours, maybe three hours, and that’s pushing it.

If you go to a conference, say you go to a two or three-day conference, you’re going to see the same people for three days! You’re able to grow the like, know and trust factor so much faster. 

  • You’re going to have conversations with people. 
  • You may have breakfast, lunch or dinner with them. 

Breaking bread is a powerful thing, let me tell you. So you’re having conversations, you’re getting to know about people. 

You’re getting a feel for their character, things that they like, and things they don’t like. In conversation, if you’re listening, people will tell you an awful lot. 

Also in these conversations, if you’re listening they’re going to tell you:

If they have a contractor they really want to get rid of but they don’t have anybody to replace them with

Maybe you can fit that need, but you’ll never know if you don’t have that conversation. They’ll also share with you projects that are coming up. 

Conversations are really, really important, especially if you want to fast track your contracting opportunities. 

You can definitely search Google and find conferences to attend in your local area. You don’t have to get on a plane or anything like that unless you’re in a small town or someplace rural. You may have to do a little traveling, maybe something a couple of hours away.

There are conferences all around. You just have to find the ones that are right for you. Are you doing offline marketing? 

Yes or no. No or yes. That’s what my son used to say when he asked you something. He was maybe two or three, he’d say, “Yes or no? No or yes?” So yes or no. No or yes. As of today, are you doing any offline marketing in your business? I want to know.

Strategy Number Three.

The third one pre-bid meetings. Have you been to a pre-bid meeting? Gold mine! Come on now. You got to get out. At a pre-bid meeting, think about this. 

If you go to a pre-bid meeting in your local area, maybe you’re going and it’s not even a project that you’re interested in, however, people that do what you do are interested in that particular project. 

Maybe the project is too big for you to perform. It’s too big or it’s too small, but it’s not something you are currently ready to bid or able to bid. 

Maybe you don’t have the capacity, but…

  • Your ideal customer is there. 
  • Subcontractors that you could possibly work with or subcontract work down to
  • Companies that you could team with on a project is there

There’s a wealth of opportunity at pre-bid meetings. You can search your customers and see what pre-bid meetings they’re holding. Now, for those of you that are using fbo.gov, you know you can look at solicitations and in the solicitation, they will tell you: 

  • If there’s a pre-bid meeting 
  • Where the pre-bid meeting is located
  • If you need to register

Trust me, you can find pre-bid meetings in your local area. They may call it a walkthrough or something else, but what it is… the customer has an opportunity out for bid.

The customer is bringing together a group of people that’s interested in bidding on that project or working on that project and you SHOULD want to be there. Why? 

Because you can have conversations. 

You could pick up some leads. 

You might find someone that has another project outside of the one that you’re there for and they need help.

At these events, they are looking for prime contractors and subcontractors. Pre-bid meetings, add that to your list. 

If you watched the video here and the video I referenced earlier, 3 Online Marketing Strategies, now you know not three, but you have six marketing strategies total for online and offline marketing

I get it, you might need more. 

  • Maybe you don’t know what to say 
  • Maybe you want more things that you can do to drum up interest 
  • To build up your client base 
  • To work on your business development 

I got you. I’ve written a FREE guide. It’s called The Five Tactics To Snag Your Next Contract In 30 Days Or Less

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