decision making call

with Felicia streeter

Get support with starting & growing your profitable federal contracting business

A Decision Making Call is right for you if...

You're a small business contractor who is already making money in your business and are ready to expand and use federal contracting to increase your profits.

Thank you for your desire to apply for a decision making call to decide which program option is best for working with Dream4self and Felicia Streeter

We help small business contractors tap into the trillion-dollar government marketplace. When businesses share space with us, they land their first government contract in 12-months or less and make millions over the life of their business career. Our programs are a strategic mix of consulting, teaching, and training to get you to the results you desire and living the life you crave while using your business to make it happen.

Being truthful, you should know that you must be willing to make an investment. Trust and believe that the investment you make will be far less than the expense of continuing to do what you're doing...begging clients and contracts to work with you. When you're able to access the resources you need and land your first government contract, your investment will be more than covered many times over. Then it's rinse and repeat.

If you are serious about getting help in growing your federal contracting business, complete the form below and someone from our office will contact you to schedule your 15-minute decision making call to see if you're a good fit for our programs and offerings. 

Our objective of the call is...

  1. Gain clarity on if federal contracting is right for you
  2. Reveal the benefits you'll have with federal contracting and what you bring to table - what need to do
  3. Determine what's the best strategy you should be using for finding your customers  - to get outcome

You'll leave knowing

  1. If federal contracting is right for you
  2. Your benefits with federal contracting 
  3. The best strategy you could use to find your customers
  4. What you need to do to get the outcome you desire
  5. If we're a good fit - I'll make an offer for us to work together

*** Serious inquiries only ***

Completing the form in its entirety will ensure consideration for a decision making call...

Let's chat about your federal opportunities. Please complete all the fields. Once you submit your information someone from my team will be in touch to arrange your complimentary decision making call. Thank you!

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