Your Government Contract Is Guaranteed

Your Government Contract Is Guaranteed! I’m sharing what guarantees you have as a government contractor and WHAT KIND OF GUARANTEE I GIVE MY CLIENTS. There is only ONE situation where anybody can REALLY give you guarantee. Watch and find out when that is…

Your Government Contract Is Guaranteed

Here is my insight on Guaranteed Government Contracts

Who wants a guarantee? Those who:

  • Doubt yourself
  • Think you can’t do it
  • Question your ability
  • Want to pay a commission on the awarded contract
  • Don’t want to take the risk on yourself

Only one person can give you a guarantee:

  • They have a contract in hand
  • They’re going to give it to you and keep their word on that

Why I don’t give a contract guarantee. Because I don’t know:

  • Your capability
  • Your quality of work
  • How you close out your projects
  • Your paperwork management ability 
  • How you manage your money and project budget
  • What effort you will put into finding opportunities
  • Your bid and proposal preparation and submission abilit
  • Your ability to find opportunities that’s a good fit for your company

You’re not running a non-profit and neither am I

  • You charge for your services
  • I charge for mines

You have expertise that the government need

I have expertise that you need

At the end of the day…

  • I get you to the table
  • It’s up to YOU to close the deal!

If you are thinking someone is going to give you a guarantee you have to ask yourself what are you really saying about your abilities. The magic happens when you take the risk and invest in yourself. Let me know what your struggles are! I’d love to help you through them.

I know I’m a sure bet. What about you? What’s your sure bet? Is it you? What’s your take on guarantees? Let me know in the comments!