Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Paper. I Mean Business!

Remember back in school when it was test time. If you were right handed you’d lay your left hand across your desk to hide your paper from the set of eyes seeking the answers on your paper.

You didn’t know if all your answers were right. You knew you’d studied. You were prepared. You were sure you’d pass the test, but not really 100% sure of an A.

Yet, you still had the onlookers with their eyes trying to reach your paper. Was that you? I won’t tell…

Lack of confidence

Unfortunately, those looks on someone else paper shows your lack of confidence and you just down right don’t trust yourself to get it right.

Are you keeping your eyes on your own business?

business Constantly Changing

Or are you constantly changing what you do in your business based off what your competitors are doing in there’s? Every time you look at their business, you find yourself changing what you’re doing in yours.

What’s the matter? Don’t you trust yourself? You think if you learn what your competitor is doing, you’ll then have the business and income you want. You keep telling yourself if you learn or change just one more thing…

Just One More Thing

Why does it always have to be one more thing?

Want to win government contracts? I got the answer and it’s not copying off what others are doing. You gotta keep your eyes on your business.

Do what you know to do and if you don’t know then learn what to do and keep it pushing.

If you’d look at your own business from the perspective of where you’re at currently and then decide what actions you need to take and in what order you’ll be headed down the right path.

  • Which projects are in alignment with your capacity to perform?
  • Why you’re not winning contracts?
  • Who can teach you what you don’t know so you can keep your eyes on your own business?

Growing a profitable business is a simple process when you know what to do, but I can tell you, you won’t find it by looking at someone else’s business.

Whose business are your eyes on?

Focus Man!

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