Want Government Contracts? This Is What It’s Going To Take…

Want Government Contracts? This Is What It’s Going To Take…

  • It’s time to Step Into Your Fortune. It’s time to take a chance on yourself.
  • It’s time to believe in yourself.

It’s time to let go of all that’s been holding you back…

  • Time
  • Kids
  • Money
  • Life
  • Laziness

Stop, with the I’m in one day.

I’m out the next.

Today, I want to be a government contractor.

Then the next day I’m not so sure.

Those thoughts and feelings show up in your business when you’re talking to people when you’re talking to me. In your efforts.

Show the world (and yourself) you mean business.

Potential clients reach out to me. I’ll talk to them. They’re ready to go, ready to get started. Then a couple days later you’ve decided to wait because of fear…

  • How your life will change
  • Doubt in your ability to win and have a successful business

You have to decide it’s your time.

Time to crush your fear and doubt and take the actions necessary to live the life you crave and have the business you desire. The lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

This is the time to set yourself up for success. Will your business succeed? Who knows? But what I know for sure is that if you never take action It won’t.

You have the ability to increase your chance of success. You have the power to…

  • Face your fears head-on, doing what is necessary to minimize the fear.
  • Replace doubt with a plan, a strategy, education, a mentor.
  • You have so many options here that there is no need for you to stay in a place of doubt.

I don’t understand how millions of people will place their money into mutual funds, 401K, and the stock market. You trust your broker to be successful, provide you with a return on your investment and build your wealth. But you don’t trust yourself.

  • Why not position yourself to be successful? To make more money.
  • Do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes until you have what you want.
  • Every day you get to make a choice.

You can dream about what you want, but without a plan, and steps to make it happen, you’ll always be dreaming.

Here’s what it’s going to take to land government contracts:

  • Decide on what you want. Be decisive and consider it done. It’s yours.
  • Carry yourself as the successful government contractor you will be as if you are.

Do the work necessary day in and day out until you reach your goal and then level up to your next goal.

Here are the steps to level up in your business…

  1. Get registered with SAM
  2. Apply for any certifications for which you qualify
  3. Develop your business preferences
  4. Identify your customer
  5. Discover their preferences, types of bids, dollar value, set aside, the scope of work, etc.
  6. Match your customer preferences to your capacity to perform
  7. Find subcontracting opportunities with primes and other subcontractors
  8. Simply check in
  9. Walking down contracts
  10. Bid on contracts
  11. Analyze and adjust
  12. Repeat

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve let fear stop me only to see someone else achieve success with my dream. The only difference is that they started and took action. So now they’re ahead of me ahead in the game, but not necessarily BETTER. They just started before me.

  • Life will happen
  • Kids get sick
  • Divorce happens
  • Relocation

Life happens and there is nothing you can do about it, but accept it and move through it.

You got to change your mindset. Don’t let life knock you off your game. Have the mindset of “No Matter What?”

You must make major moves. You must be fearless. You must be determined.

So get in the game. Level up and make it happen.

Remember…Making Major Moves Makes Millions

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