What Overspending Taught Me About My Business

In a 3 month period, I’d spent over $50G’s!!! That’s $50,000!!

Yeah, it felt good spending it, but not so much when I looked at my net income line on my profit and loss statement.

No more half stepping for me.

Now I follow my daily routine,that I created, consistently…

  • Invoice on completed projects
  • Track / enter time, if bill by the hours, which sometimes I do
  • Update my project and client list
  • Review and analyze profit margins on completed projects
  • Track income and expenses
  • Store physical receipts
  • File digital receipts

If you don’t have a system in place to always assure that you are maximizing your profits and minimizing your expense, I got you!

I’ve created a checklist for my entire bookkeeping routine. What I do weekly, monthly, and yearly to always know the financial fitness of my business PLUS have tax ready financials

And you can too!