What Could The Police Possibly Want With Me?!

It went something like this…

  • Police – Drivers license please.
  • Me – I’m thinking really! Why did you stop me?
  • Police – Your plates are expired.
  • Me – No they not.

It’s March 2016. He looks at my front window sticker and see that it says July 2016.
Not expired! Hello!!

He explained that in his police system it showed expired and said I could even take a look at his computer in the patrol car.

  • Ah, negative, I’m not getting out my truck.
  • I told him I believed him. And asked what did I need to do.

To make a long story show the DMV didn’t check a box in the system when they did my registration.

But, in order for them to find out their error, I had to PROVIDE PROOF of my receipt of when I did my registration, 8 months ago!

If I had not kept my receipt and knew where it was located, I would have had to take time out my day PLUS pay again, which is about $70!

Most of you know that I’m a bookkeeper and that I don’t play about my money. I don’t care how much or how little it is I don’t like wasting money.

Maybe you can now see the importance of keeping…

* Important documents
* Supporting back up
* Receipts

You get the idea.

By having a document filing system and keeping your important documents will save you time and money IF EVER you find yourself in a similar situation.