Time To Grow

Have you ever seen a project built from the ground up? You know one day it was dirt and then you go back the next day and it’s still dirt?

Building something new takes time. If you have ever had your dream home built you know to put everything together you have a bunch of screws, wood, nails, drywall and other materials that go into the finished product, the house. And if you watch any new home being built you know it takes months sometimes over a year!

Knowing that, why do you think you can start doing something new in your business and then in a couple weeks you should have hit your goal?

TIME >>>

It takes time and a process of things happening in sequence to build a house or anything for that matter.

TIME >>>

Why is it you think implementing a new strategy like marketing you think you should see results immediately?



>>> Momentum Builds the Result You Desire

When working privately with my clients, it’s the same thing, it’ll take you a month or 2 to get consistent with the right actions. Once you get that down, it’ll take another month or two to build momentum and then you ease into the results you planned.

If you’re needing help with creating consistency to build momentum and get to your contract award with the government, I can help. Reach out to me and let’s talk about how I can help.