The FASTEST way to KEEPING more of the money you make

If you EVER plan to jump into the role of CEO of your business and stop being just a work-a-bee. Then you’ve got to change your mindset from employee to entrepreneur and employer when the time comes

You can’t continue to do the things you’ve been doing around your money management if EVER plan to build wealth from your business.

There are 5 secrets to keeping more of the money you make so that you have more money than you have month instead of the other way around.

  1. Make keeping more of the money you make a priority
  2. Calculate the numbers, know your numbers, and percentages

  3. Put a system around it

  4. Commit
  5. Rinse and repeat

WHO – Game Changers ready to TAKE CONTROL of their finances, stop going on chance and depending on others. You’re ready to change your MONEY STORY how much you make, keep, and save

WHAT – 8-week Money Bootcamp go From Overwhelming Chaotic to Organized Abundance with your Money along with access to the replays to add to your success library

WHEN – Starting virtually on October 31st!

WHY – Managing your money and keeping more of the money you make doesn’t have to be hard

HOW – Here’s the tangible, it’s like a class, we’re going to actually do the work. I don’t believe in leaving and having stuff to still implement and life happens. Nope.

We’re going to get it done

I’m going to give you what you need and weekly you’ll be taking action and implementing. This is top CEO type stuff that you need to know. Here’s some of what we’re covering…

  • Setup of your accounting system
  • Posting 1-calendar month of your books
  • Reconciling your bank and credit card accounts
  • Running financial reports and analyzing
  • Set up accounts for your bi-weekly distributions (paycheck, profits, and taxes)
  • Calculating your percentages for bi-weekly distributions of what your business can afford today, where it should be, and a plan to get there
  • Design your money plan – focusing on increasing your income and profits
  • Developing your money mindset practice – yes EVERYBODY needs one

In the end, you’ll have a solid foundation for managing your money!

Sure you can go from I could never to I should to I did!