Success With Teaming Arrangements

How would you rate your teaming arrangements? Are they producing beneficial results for you and your teaming partner? Or are you just coping with what is in the hopes it will go back to what was agreed upon in the beginning? 

In this video, we’re talking about the effect of coping and how to turn teaming relationships around for better relationships that are mutually beneficial and more profitable. 

Coping may work on construction projects, but not so much when building relationships like teaming arrangements.

Although the coping saw may be a temporary fix eventually the cracks will appear.

Coping saw – a construction tool that construction workers use to make to sides fit together that don’t easily fit together.

A coping saw make things that don’t fit together fit together for a while. Eventually the coping saw fix crack. Everyone can see the cracks. Can you?

Alright, let’s get into how just coping in your business relationships is never a fix.

There are similar cracks in business relationships. I’d like to share a couple ways to prevent yourself from falling into a coping saw type of activity:

Have transparency in relationships, teaming arrangements, mentor protege, and subcontracts. Lack of transparency can put you in position of coping.

Address any issues head on. Make sure you’re addressing issues as quickly as possible.

Don’t just cope. Go into each deal with the mindset of creating your best deal while creating one that is mutually beneficial and outrageously profitable.

If you need help finding contracts to bid, with proposal preparation, building teaming arrangements, or how to overcome any deficiencies you have that’s preventing you from winning government contracts, reach out and let me know you need help.