Put Your Money In Check, Do These 4 Things

Have you checked your bank balance today? Wanting more money in your bank account? Let me help you out.


You’re reading this – that’s a step in the right direction.

You’re taking action to do better – it all starts with learning new things, which I’m about to drop some knowledge.

But, it’ll only work if you commit to taking what you learn and implement consistently.

There are 4 main things you NEED to do accurately and consistently if you truly want to manage your money better:

1.     Cash flow management – decide how you plan to spend your money AND what you will save.

2.     Accounts – make sure you have separate bank accounts for business and personal and ACTUALLY use them correctly. If you need a business bank account go get it within the next 7 days.

3.     Profit – price your offers to assure you make a profit. You can either do the calculations with a calculator or Excel spreadsheet or do it like a BOSS and run your profit and loss statement.

4.     Collect – got outstanding balances that need to be paid – get your money. I sure hope you’re on top of this one. BOSS up and run accounts receivable report within your accounting software system.

PLUS…do these things…they’ll help:

·       Keep organized receipts

·       Post transactions at least monthly

·       Review financial statements monthly

·       Review Vendor accounts at least quarterly

·       Allocate funds properly ALL THE TIME

All these things you need to know if you want to have growth in your business and sustain it.

If you don’t UNDERSTAND how to do these things and why you’re doing them you’ll NEVER conquer your money management habits for your business.

However, when you do know all this stuff – and you actually apply it – consistently, that’s when managing your money becomes EASY and not a problem.

Remember, it’s easier to course correct when moving than standing still. Learn what you don’t know. Apply what you do know. Be consistent.

Watch how you increase your money management skills and keep more of the money you make once you start implementing these simple steps.

By the way, I’m a bookkeeper aka digital accounting strategist and I can help you with:

·       Managing your money

·       Taking control of your spending

·       QuickBooks setup and cleanup

·       Monthly posting and reconciliations

·       QuickBooks training

·       Project based services

I know that you’re probably not:

·       Tracking your money

·       Doing your posting consistently

·       Analyzing your financial reports

·       Creating cash flow projections

·       Assuring that your offers are profitable

That’s where my bookkeeping services come into play.

Maybe, you don’t want to do it yourself because either you don’t know how or you don’t have time, or maybe you want to do it yourself, but you don’t know how.

Either way, you need to conquer your money management habits.