My Business Changed Overnight When I…

Have you been struggling in your business for some time now? I struggled for 3 years trying to crack the code on government contracting to land my first lucrative government contract!

I felt like I was going in a million different directions trying everything I could think of, what I’d learned at school, and what I saw others doing. I even attended workshops and seminars on marketing to the government.

Just as scattered as I was with my efforts were the results I was getting.

I was getting sub par results.

I eventually started getting contracts $3,000 here, $1,000 there…small contracts – as I like to say – to pay the bills.

It was a lot of work to get those small little contracts. In construction, those are considered small contracts and to my bank account, they were considered small too!

When I finally stopped long enough to look at what I was doing, the results I was getting, and the money I was making…

  • There was no strategy
  • I didn’t do one thing long enough to see if it would actually work

If you’d asked I couldn’t tell you what I did except maybe what I put it in my calendar which would only include appointments and events.

I was chasing…

  • Everybody
  • Wasting time
  • Wasting and losing money
  • And I was frustrated

I knew other people that were successful in government contracting. I tried to peep what they were doing. I did what I saw them do. But it’s just like relationships. I didn’t know what was happening behind closed doors. The only thing I saw was the networking.

When I realized there had to be more. I got FOCUSED

  • Everything had to be in alignment
  • The size contracts I wanted and it wasn’t those $1K and $5K contracts
  • The type of contractors
  • Who was my customer, because everybody clearly is not!

What I now know is the secret is in what they were doing behind closed doors which are where the magic happens.

After facing reality and putting my BIG GIRL PANTIES on, I realized that I needed a STRATEGY instead of doing everything that came to mind or that I saw others doing.

I figured out who was my customer, their preferences, my business preferences, and my capacity to perform. I worked through all the agencies that could be my customer and I narrowed it down to the customers where we were in alignment.

After creating my strategy I realized marketing and sales happen both outside and inside the office.

Guess what, big contracts can happen inside your office too! $559,000 contracts like the one I land from sending an email!

Once I stopped running around trying to do everything I thought I needed to do and got focused and created a strategy, I experienced better results than the $23K year, I experienced…

  • One email resulting in a $559K contract
  • First EVER and not the last deposit into my bank account for a payment on a contract of $1,000,000 – yes ONE MILLION DOLLARS
  • Consistent cash flow and able to increase my personal pay check

Bigger contracts or landing your first contract is possible and really easier when you…

  • Get focused and know
  • Your business preferences
  • Who’s your customer
  • What’s your capacity to perform
  • What it takes to deliver your product or service

Having these things in place will make it easier

  • Marketing strategy unique to your business
  • Build key relationships that are mutually beneficial and profitable
  • Add forecasting to your marketing mix
  • Look at past awards for valuable contracting information
  • Have a capabilities statement
  • Know how to create your best deal