Opportunity After Contract Award

In this video, I’m teaching you about an often time lost contracting opportunity. The good thing is by the end of this video, you will learn where you’re leaving money on the table and the opportunity to explore. 

After an awarded contract, most you probably just move on to the next opportunity. 


Before you give up on a contract explore all possible opportunities:

  • Just because you’re not the prime doesn’t mean you have no opportunity.
  • Explore subcontracting opportunities. 
  • A piece of the contract is better than no part of the contract, isn’t it?

You can even use this strategy when searching fbo and you see a contract that’s been award in the past, but haven’t closed out yet. Once you know where you fall in the entire project schedule you can reach out for possible opportunities not yet awarded to a contractor. 

If you need help with this and taking advantage of your government contracting opportunities, reach out and we can help.