Impact Your Sales Push By Narrowing Your Focus

For many businesses, they experience a slow down right after the big holiday season. What about you? Or, maybe things are just slower than you would like them to be. This is why I decided to jump-start things back off with the one thing that I’m going to be sharing with you here today that can give you that sales push that you need to get back on track in the next 30 days.

For those of you that don’t know who I am, my name is Felicia Streeter and I’m over at feliciastreeter.com, where I’m helping establish experts, I’m talking about coaches, consultants, contractors, and speakers, tap into the government and corporate contracts to land larger clients so that you can work less in your business, but at the same time, increase those bottom line profits. 

Let’s dive into number one. Narrow your focus to maximize the impact.

Here’s what I mean by that. You want to select your target market. You need to know who’s your target market. 

You need to know your customers better than anyone else. You need to know your customers, and you can’t know your customers if you don’t know who is the target. You need to know your target, whether that’s going to be private sector work for you, whether you’re looking for some corporate contracts, government contracts, B2B, or B2C. You need to narrow your target to one area over the next 30 days if you want to experience that sales push. Are you ready? 

Number two. Think about your fastest path to cash.

Now, this is something I always share with my clients and my contractors inside the incubator program, and even my private clients that I mentor. When they come and they say, “I need to increase my cash flow.” Well, I ask what’s their fastest path to cash? Why make it hard? Think about what is your fastest path to cash. 

Think about these three things as you’re determining your fastest path. 

  • One, an area where you already have the experience, so you have some past performance experience in doing whatever you’re going to offer. 
  • Two, make sure it’s easy to implement. When I say implement, I mean put it into action to deliver or to produce, whether its a product or a service, making sure it’s easy for you to get to the end result with the customer.
  • Third, knowing how you will help your customers and clients. Remember you have to know who’s your customer, but you also need to know how you’re going to help them. What product or service will you offer that’s going to provide you with your fastest path to your cash? Does this make sense? 

Number three. Who needs it right now?

Your fastest path to cash, who needs it right now, like right now? Fastest path to cash, you want a sales push in the next 30 days. Well, who needs what you offer right now? That could look like contracts that are already out for a bid, or a contract that’s already been awarded, and maybe you’re going to go in as a subcontractor. 

  • You also need to know where they are and can you get to them. The other piece is:
  • You need to open the lines of communication. 
  • You need to know where those opportunities are and that they’re available right now. 
  • Who is it that needs what you have to offer?
  • Then begin to open the lines of communication to start facilitating you getting a contract.

Number four. You also want to measure the goal.

I believe in tracking my numbers, tracking my metrics. I track my numbers every day, and my metrics once a week. I track my money coming in and flowing into my business, income, revenue. I track those numbers daily. 

Here’s what you want to do. Know what the goal is. So if that’s for you to experience a sales push to get one additional client this month, one new contract this month, or an additional $5 grand, $10 grand, $20 grand, you need to know what it is. There’s no guessing, you need to know.

Now you need to determine how many projects. How many offers you need to bid or submit a proposal on in order to hit your goal. You need to know on average, how many projects do you have to bid or submit a proposal before you win one. 

Whatโ€™s your conversion rate. Whatever you’re going to offer, what is the price point? Now, we do know each project will come in at a different price point, but on average, you know what you’ve been achieving project dollar-wise per project on average. So use that number.

Let’s recap real quickly, what I just shared. 

  • Number one, you’re going to narrow your focus to maximize the impact. 
  • Number two, you’re going to determine your fastest path to cash. 
  • Number three, who needs it right now, because you want a sales push right now, they need to want it and need it right now. 
  • Then, measure your goals, know your numbers.

Do you know who your target customer is today right now and how to find them? You need to know in order to implement this sales push in the next 30 days and make it happen? 

Number five. Three actions to make it happen.

For you, I don’t know what those three actions will be, you’re going to decide that. 

But, you need to decide what three actions you’re going to take. What is going to be your method of execution to develop and have this sales push happen in the next 30 days? 

Three things that you’re going to do, and I don’t mean necessarily do them one time, you may have to do them over and over. What are the three things that you know that will give you the biggest bang for your buck, your time, and produce the biggest results? 

Number six. Make it stick.

Plan those action steps that you’re going to implement into your calendar. Yes, put it into your calendar or whatever system you like to use. I like Trello as well, but either system can send you a reminder to say, “Hey, it’s time to reach out to my leads” 

I like the calendar method for this. Everyone has a calendar, I’m sure, so plug into your calendar those three action steps that you’re going to implement on a daily basis to get this sales push in your business, and commit to it. 

When those notifications pop up, don’t you just dismiss it and don’t do it, or snooze it all day. 

No, decide the time you’re going to do it, put it in your calendar, and make it happen. 

Number seven. Be consistent.

Putting it in your calendar will allow you to be consistent. You know I tell you all the time… 

Consistency builds momentum, and momentum will build the cash flow, hence the sales push. – Felicia Streeter

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