• Need a money breakthrough?
  • Have an income goal you’re trying to hit?
  • Wondering why some hit their goals, but you haven’t yet?

I say yet because I’m getting ready to break it down for you and ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is make a few small adjustments. Are you ready?

There are 8 areas you need to put yourself in check to experience the money breakthrough you desire.

1. Being Too Generous – When looking at your Money Archetypes, we call this characteristic the Nurturer. You’re always giving to others, your kids, and husband, but you’re giving to yourself last.

2. Giving Away Your Power to Others – You allow potential clients and customers to question your pricing. Then you feel bad about your pricing. You base your prices on what others are charging. Women have this one really bad in that you give your power away to men. You’ll say I’m not good at money. I’ll just let him handle it. Girl you better take control of your money!

3. Overindulging – this is the Money Archetype characteristic of the Celebrity and Romantic – you’re always buying something because you can or you think you can. Like shopping makes you feel better, food is your go to for comfort so you dine out more than you should.

4. Extra Money (Abundance) – you’re uncomfortable with having extra money in your bank account. You need to change to a new normal. So instead of being comfortable with $0 bank balance (or negative) make your new normal $100 or $200 to start and increase it from there.

5. Bartering – It’s for wimps. You’re too afraid to ASK FOR THE SALE. It’s time you get used to receiving money for your services.

6. Money Conversation – Stop hanging out with broke people, people with a poverty mindset, the woe it’s me people, those always complaining about money. Like attracts like. Surround yourself with people that have an abundance mindset whether they have it or they’re working to achieve it. Sometimes this means you’re distancing yourself from family members too. Yeah, I had to do that to Get My Money Right.

7. Mix Messages – this is the Money Archetype characteristic of the Alchemistwhat do you really want? If you don’t know how in the heck will God know what to do?

I remember asking for something and then the next day I’d changed my mind to the opposite. You know what God did? NOTHING! He sat on the fence, hand on cheek, elbow on his leg, waiting for me to make up my mind. He didn’t know what to do because I was sending mix messages. Get clear on what you want!

8. Money Mess – this is the Money Archetype characteristic of the Connector and others too – you’re not tracking your money flow. I’m talking about your income, expenses, and money goals. You don’t have a system set up for your various money activities like invoicing, paying your VA, bookkeeper, social media manager, vendors, keeping receipts, paying yourself, and saving money oh yeah, there’s more to talk about here. You’ve got to…

Clear Your Money Clutter From Overwhelmingly Chaotic and get to Organized Abundance with your Money.