Checked your bank balance and you’re not happy with what you see?

It is totally FREAKIN your fault. Quit blaming it on anything or anybody other than yourself.

  • You’re the blame!
  • Own it!
  • And then change it!

Let’s switch PayPal accounts, she said. Now, why in the world would I want to do that!

Yeah, she actually said that.

You’re not making the money you want and your bank account is on “E”. It’s because you’re always looking for free stuff!

You’re cheap and don’t want to spend your money, but you want somebody to give you all the goods for you to make $2K, $5K, $10K + (keep more of that money once you make it ) consistently for FREE!

If you’re not in a job right now, you have been in the past. You went to work, gave your time, performed a job. and you expected to get paid for it, right?

KEEPING IT 💯, don’t you think at some point those giving you free stuff expect to be paid for their services. That they are going to promote their offers to you.

It’s part of the process you get the free stuff and then through an email sequence they are going to make an offer to you.

And if you didn’t know this then I guess the “Free stuff” ain’t quite cutting it for you.

Point proven. That’s why you’re broke!

And when I say broke, I don’t mean that you’re not making money or that you don’t have any money. What I’m saying is that you’re not happy with how much money you’re actually keeping each month.

Quit being cheap.

You can afford what you want. You have an expensive hobby or habit that if you either gave it up or cut back you could afford to get the support you need, join that boot camp for training on SMART MONEY MINDSET (because clearly, you need that) and get ongoing support.

Your problem is that you haven’t invested in that which you say you want. And I’m talking about investing with time and money.

You’re giving excuses as to why it hasn’t happened.

It’s because you say you want it, but you haven’t invested in a program to give you the formula, the tools, and the strategies you need…the step by step.

You’ve been going at it alone trying to figure it out from piecing together free stuff that gives the overview.

I can tell you…you don’t know what you don’t know.


Yeah, I’m throwing shade.

Your butt is out of alignment.

You want to keep $2K, $5K, $10K, or whatever your magical number EVERY MONTH then you need to get into alignment that will only happen with the Rich Chick Alignment Formula.

You say you want it, QUIT

  • Complaining
  • Looking for free
  •  Bartering
  • Being lazy

Get your big girl panties on , slide your feet into your stilettos 👠, and pull out your wallet…