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Choices will never stop presenting themselves. What I know is that the outcome will be found on the other side of each decision you make.

As I was listening to my music playlist, I selected House Party by Luther Vandross. Do you know him?

It took my thoughts back to when I was just a kid in middle school. I was about 11 years old.

My Academic Games team was invited to play in the Nation Tournament at Eastern Michigan University for a 3-day tournament. 

First of all I was scared to go! I’d never been away from my mother and father. They wanted me to leave my family for 3 full days and do something I’d never done. OMG!! I cried. 😭

That was the main reason I didn’t want to go.The other reason is because there was a House Party I wanted to go to that Friday night.

To me it was THE HOUSE PARTY of the year. You know what I’m talking about.

I had a choice to make. And understand my parents weren’t going to make the decision for me, nor were they going to MAKE ME go.

I had a choice to make and my mother laid out my options with a dose of reality to help me in making my decision.

She said there will be other house parties, but more importantly that my team needed me. I was the captain of my team. She said I’d be letting them down.

I can still picture sitting in the car waiting for the time to board the bus. 

I went. It was an experience that I wouldn’t change for anything in the world.

I was scared, but I did it. I went.

That weekend I made history!

We were down to the final match of WFF ‘N PROOF. My match would determine whether my team would be FIRST IN THE NATION in WFF ‘N PROOF or not. 

I laid out the equation, the game winner- and my opponent protested it!

How did the little inner city girl think she was smarter than her opponent? It didn’t matter that I practiced 5 hours a week if not more! PROTEST…

The judges came over and said… My equation was good!!! (drop the mic)

I’D WON!!!

My team had just won. FIRST IN THE NATION IN WFF ‘N PROOF.

I couldn’t wait to get home to tell my parents!! We didn’t have cell phones back then, you know.

I came home with the trophy that said FIRST IN THE NATION IN WFF ‘N PROOF.

I was then invited to speak at the school board meeting about my experience at the Academic Games Tournament. Yea, I was scared to do that too.

In both situations, in spite of my fears, I DID IT ANYWAY.

I didn’t know whether we’d win or lose, but I showed up and I brought my ‘A’ game and it paid off.

I know you may be scared of making your next move… 

  • Starting your own business
  • Leaving your job
  • Becoming a government contractor
  • Delivering on your first project
  • Taking the leap and believing in yourself

As you can see you’re not alone. We all will be faced with decisions throughout life that may scare us. 

But what better person to bet on than yourself!

You know you and what you are capable of…

Now imagine having the right tools, resources and strategy to up the stakes of betting on yourself. 

Would you do it?

Of course with the choices you’ll have to make the time to focus on the choice you made. 

But just like my momma said, what you give up for now to focus on what you want, those other things will still be there once you achieve your goal. 

Now, it’s your turn to make the necessary choices for what you say you want. 

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