I’m Hosting A Free Workshop

If you’re like me you’re starting to slow down and take time to start preparing for 2020. If your goal is to get into government contracting and are working on getting everything set up, I wanted to share with you the step by step to get you there.

Want FREE access to my new training series ‘Get Government Contracts?

This training is providing you with what you need to do in a step by step order to get contracts. We’re setting the framework by jump-starting the planning process of what you’ll need to know and have in place to actually make government contracting happen for you in 2020. No more guessing… just implementing just being consistent, building momentum, and generating cash flow.

Learn and IMPLEMENT on the topics I’m sharing:

  • Training #1: Generate Hot Quality Leads
  • Training #2: Positioning tweak to get you in the contracting game
  • Training #3: Validate your approach to monetize and create cash flow
  • Training #4: 5 Part Powerhouse Government Contracting Framework
  • Training #5: Contracting Bid Accelerators

Come live today as I’m sharing my 5 Part Government Contracting Framework that my clients are using to win more contracts and with the federal government too!

Here’s the link to get session links and the workbook >>> Get Government Contracts to come live or if you can’t make it live, watch the replays.

You’re one contract away