How To Get Contracts Now!

Have you been scratching your head wondering how to get a contract – like now?  

You might be surprised to discover that just by simply checking in can land you contracts!

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Increase Your Profits By $100K By Simply Checking-In

Get 3-ways to get contracts now – straight from our – Next Level Contractor Strategy #6 to increase your bottom line profits immediately. Anyone can do this. It’s simple. It’s easy. And you’ll love it too!

When is the last time you’ve checked in with your prior customers and clients? That long huh? Well, we’re getting ready to change that!

By the way, if you’re not doing what I’m about to share with you, then you’re leaving money on the table. And you know how I feel about leaving money on the table. Enough said, let’s change that.

Pull out your old and current contracts, projects, spreadsheets, QuickBooks, accounting system, or simply open your CRM and make a list of ALL your past contracts.

Now you’re going to grade your customers.

  • A’s – are for your ideal customers that you just love, the pay good, they pay on time, communication is great, they’re timely with paperwork, they don’t try to nickel and dime you at the end of the project and just a joy to work with
  • B’s – you enjoy working with this customer, they pay on time, and they address issues quickly
  • C’s – okay, I’m rolling my eyes as I type this one, they don’t pay on time, they don’t deliver on their promises, and it’s hard to reach the right person

I just provided you some ideas on how to sort your customer list. You can definitely tweak the criteria to make it work for you while making sure you’re able to distinguish the difference.

Next, you’re going to reach out to your A’s and schedule a meeting. Face to face is ideal because these are like your JUICY clients that feed your bank account as promised.

During your meeting, whether at lunch, happy hour, or before or after a networking event.

  1. Talk about how you appreciated working with them on the Houston and Virgina projects (insert your projects).
  2. Remind them of what you do.
  3. Let them know you have the capacity to take on more projects, like now.
  4. Even give them an example like If someone doesn’t show up on a project, your go to guy is booked and can’t get to you as quick as you need them, or something urgent comes up that requires an immediate response. Use scenarios for your industry.
  5. Then Ask For A Contract!

Your goal is to get a lead on a project right then during the meeting, which would be great. If you don’t get a lead to FOLLOW UP on or a contract, make sure to FOLLOW UP.  I know what you’re thinking. For how long? And my answer, until you get a contract!