CRUSH your Year-End goals!

When bidding, I’m pretty sure you pay attention to what the contracting officers and primes say they want and then you put what you know into the mix and get to what EXACTLY needs to happen for them to get the results they want.

As I talk to prospective clients, I pay special attention to their needs, what they’re already doing and I figure out why it’s not working.

What holds most people back and probably you to is when you’re not committed to your own success. You make EXCUSES why you can’t invest in a mentor. You don’t have the money to invest in a product… so you seek out the free resources like the SBA, PTAC, and SBDC.

  • They tell you things to do in order to win contracts.
  • You go do the things they tell you.
  • But you’re not getting the results you’d like.

If you know to do things that the SBA told you, why isn’t it working?

Pick me! Pick me!!! I know why…

You got the strategy and not the steps. You don’t know the reasons, “the why” behind the strategy and even “the why” behind the steps because you don’t know the steps.

Let me share Terrance’s story with you.

You’re an 8(a) company and been in business for at least 8 years. You want to maximize the opportunities that the 8(a) program offers and you want to increase your revenue.

So your SBA representative tells you to:

  • Send out your capabilities statement
  • Go to events and conferences
  • Send emails
  • Make phone calls
  • Attend site visits
  • Do joint ventures

Oh, if you’re not doing these things definitely add them to what you’re already doing, won’t hurt.

Terrance came to me because after 4 years of doing those things he’s still not getting the results he wants the contracts he wants, the revenue he wants.

Again you need to have not only the steps or the strategy you need them BOTH.

  • Sometimes you Zig when you need to Zag.
  • Sometimes you change things when really a small TWEAK would have worked.

For this client, they needed the strategy and ALL the steps sequenced.

I know exactly what needs to be tweaked and what needs to be changed. I know the strategy we will use and the results that are possible.

What I know for sure is if you keep doing the same thing you’ll get the same results.

You need the strategy and the why. You need to know when to zig or zag and when to tweak or change. Then you need to go all in and commit.

And then, you will soar!




Only 12 spots available this time. They will sell out like all other private mentorship programs.

I am bubbling over with excitement as I open the doors to my NEW high impact program everyone who work with me privately loves it and get such great results from it.

Introducing, once again…

High Impact Blitz: 90-days of massive impact in your life and business

Building consistency and the momentum that will produce the results you want going into 2020.

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You’ll start with a kick-off call where we will get clear on your goals, and map out a unique strategy, suited just for you, for making them all happen and from there bi-weekly coaching calls.

We will track your metrics and again our milestones, talk about what you need and I’ll give you steps of execution.

In addition to the kick-off call and bi-weekly private coaching sessions, you’ll also have access to me for questions or things that come up in between our calls via Voxer (you’re going to love this cool app) and email plus my trademarked business curriculum.

I meet you where you’re at, as it’s private… we can cover things listed below, depending on your needs:

★ Award Management

★ Government Contracting

★ Certifications

★ Bids and Proposals

★ Contract Management

★ Customer Acquisition

★ Negotiating Strategies And Creating Deals

★ Responsive Proposal Submissions

★ Sales & Marketing

★ Scaling

★ Subcontracting Plan Creation and Execution

★ Systems and Automation

★ And Anything Else That Comes Up For You…

You’ll get the full details, the strategy I use and that my clients are using in business, how I took my business from $23K to $7M, stood out amongst the crowd, won BIGGER contracts and how I made it work without giving up ownership in my business or even getting loans.

I’ve taken everything that I’ve learned about government contracting, business growth, sales and marketing, and scaling and have it ready for this 90-day program that I know will accelerate your growth and income and take you to that next level in your business.

This isn’t any regular old program. It’s a program that will allow you to change the game and build something that is awesome.

In this program, if you apply what you learn, it has the ability to take you from working non-stop with no vacations to living the life you dreamed of with the business you crave while making money and having fun.

So, you’re getting… private access to me for a full 90 days.

During this program, we’ll discuss business growth, subcontracting, becoming a prime, systems and automation, sales and marketing, scaling, and team building and most importantly focusing on bidding and winning contracts.

Here’s what will happen when you sign up:

#1. You will schedule your private 1:1 kick-off call with me.

#2. After your kick-off call, you will have a 1:1 private coaching call with me bi-weekly. Each call we’ll focus on strategy and implementation, bidding contracts and increasing your award amounts, along with structured training and exercises to implement in addition to the task I give during your private sessions.

We’ll cover the things to do, strategies in my multi-million dollar business and insight into implementing them in your business so you can increase your performance and continue to grow your business.

This will increase your income and profits.

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