Grow Your Contracting Business Fast

Have you been looking for a way to grow your contracting business fast? Well, truth bomb time, are you ready?

There’s really a simple and quite smart way to go about growing your contracting business.

Hang on to your seat, because what I’m about to share with you here right now might literally blow your top off.

Today, I’m going to be sharing with you three simple action steps that you can take to grow your contracting business fast.

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I. Show Up

  1. Pre-register/Vendor registration
  2. Agencies
  3. Other contractors
  4. Corporations
  5. Colleges and Universities

There is usually some form of registration that you must do before you can work with them and bid on their projects. This the first way for you to show up, that’s really simple.

II. Proper Paperwork

  1. Do the paperwork correctly
  2. Follow the directions
  3. Provide ALL of the information that they ask for

Here’s a little sugar for a dime. If you’re taking notes you want to write this down, and if you’re not taking notes you want to write this down…

If they ask you a question on the registration documents that do not apply to you:

  • Maybe you haven’t done that yet
  • You haven’t been in business long enough to even have it
  • Still, address it
  • Don’t just leave it blank

You can always add in more documentation to explain. Make a list of the things that do not apply on a sheet of paper with your company letterhead.

That way at least they know you:

  1. Saw it
  2. Addressed it
  3. Didn’t just skip it, or
  4. Missed it

III. Bid the Opportunities

Hello! Bid the opportunity!!

What did I say? Here are the 3 ways to show up and grow your business fast!

  1. Pre-register
  2. Do the paperwork correctly
  3. Bid opportunities

That is how you show up.

With those that award the contracts, they find it disheartening that you, minority-owned and small businesses, yes, I’m talking to you, that you seek out their help, but then you don’t show up.

  • You ask for their help.
  • Those awarding the contracts take time out of their day, their schedule to help you.
  • But then when the opportunities are put out for bid, they set it aside for minorities and not enough of you, minorities, are showing up.

Showing up is getting all the way to the bid table.

Remember, if you’re not already registered. If you haven’t done the paperwork correctly, you can’t bid. Even if you submit a bid and you didn’t do the two things previously mentioned, you’re still not showing up,

You don’t have to have won a contract to bid and you will never win a contract if you never bid. – Felicia Streeter

That’s a quote for somebody today.

If you’re ready to increase your capacity, scale, and grow your business. Even if you need help showing up, doing those three simple yet quite smart things we talked about…

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