Government Contracting Fast Track

Do you know the difference between the person that chooses to wait 45 minutes or more waiting in line to ride the roller coaster at Six Flags verses the person that chooses to jump the line? 

In this video, I’m sharing the impact of jumping the line whether at the amusement park or in government contracting to get to your desired results in less time. 

Thousand of people go to the amusement park daily. Many people are content with standing in lines, waiting for extended periods of time in the heat for a 1-3 minute ride that provides thrills and excitement if only for a moment.

Some choose to fast track their experience at the amusement park. They pay a fee to be able to jump the lines. 

What areas of your business are you choosing to wait it out, wait it out months if not years to position your company for success as a government contractor?

Unfortunately some do the same in their business, wait it out I mean.
They elect to finish it out on their own, even if it takes 6 months to qualify for government work. 

The few, the elite choose to fast track it.

  • Like at an amusement park they pay a fee to skip the lines. 
  • Electing faster enjoyment and faster gratification. 

Those that  jump the line and get to their results in less time choose the same in other areas like their business. The choose to fast track their success with the help of a mentor, someone like me.

Fast tracking your results in business helps with

  • Saving you a lot of hours of blood and sweat
  • Saving you money on trying things that don’t work
  • Knowing what steps you need to get the desired results
  • Knowing what you need to implement
  • Getting you to your first government contract faster than you would on your own 

The way I see it you have two options:

  1. Wait, insert blood, sweat, and tears. Taking months to get started.
  2. Decide what you want. How fast you want it. How bad you want it.
    1. If you want to bypass the extended periods of time trying to figure out how to win your first government contract or
    2. If you want to bypass waiting time and energy going at it on your own. If you want to have a call with me to find out how to truly win your first government contract. 

If you want to know what it’s going to take to grow your business and how to implement the actions necessary, you can schedule a call with me here: