Is Government Contracting Right For You?

Have you heard the buzz about government contracting? Now it’s got you curious as to what it’s all about? You heard about those big contracts that people are winning as a small business owner and now you are questioning, should you become a government contractor too?

Making the decision, yes or no, on whether or not to add government contracting to your current business model. There are questions to ask yourself that can help you determine if government contracting is viable for you.

Question number one – does the government buy what you sell? 

Now I know this is a burning question for most of you guys. Why? Because I get asked it all the time. So that is the first question you need to answer. Find that answer. Does the government buy what you sell? 

Now here’s a little sugar for a dime. In most cases, the government pretty much buys everything, but validate it. Make sure it’s a yes for you. That is the first question you need to answer.

When I say, does the government buy what I sell? And the teachings that I offer to my community, it has nothing to do with grants. So we’re not talking about grants here. We’re talking about winning contracts with the government. There’s a difference between grants for nonprofits and contracts for-profit businesses. 

Question number two – once you answer number one.

if it’s a no, then the rest is history. I’ll see you in the community somewhere on social media. But after you answer question number one, and it’s a yes for you, we can continue the conversation. 

Now, if it’s a no, then all you have to do is say bye Felicia. But for those of you that it’s a yes, let’s continue.

If it’s a yes, You need to ask yourself more questions to validate if this is a market for you. 

Question number three – are there any special requirements that you need to meet in order to get started? 

There may be requirements you must meet in order to get started with government contracting. Special requirements could be bonding, employees, insurance, etc.

Question number four – where do you go to find contracting opportunities? Because you’re here to make money. 

This is where your marketing, sells, and business development activities should be used.

Question number five – are there special things you need to put in place in order to be paid?

This is a huge question to know the answer to.

In the beginning, there may be some general things you need to have in place within your business to get paid. But just so you know, within each contract they’ll tell you how payments will be made. But you just want to make sure your business is set up to receive money. 

Question number six – what is that one next step you need to take right now to jump-start the process? What is that one thing you need to take action on?

I gave you some questions to ask yourself, so that’ll help you with what is the next step for you. You’ve got to answer some questions here. Once you find out those answers, now you have a list of things that you need to start executing on. 

Number seven is a step: Execute.

You got that right. Execute on whatever that next step is for you. Just so you know, game-changers execute. They get educated and they execute. You’ve been educated. 

Now it’s time to execute on your assignment if you choose to accept it, Mission Impossible. If you choose to accept this assignment, I want you to get into action right now. If you need to go back, watch the replay or read here and ask yourself those questions and get those answers ASAP and then take action on that very next step. I want you to execute. Without action there’s no change. Without action there are no results. Without action there’s no money. Execute!

You know exactly what questions you need to ask yourself and if question number two was a yes for you, then you’re continuing on through the other questions. You’re going to answer those questions and take action as needed so that you can begin your journey to government contracting. Would you like more? 

If you want to join my community of people just like you, I host live webinars that you can join. It’s a free webinar where I’m sharing practical tips, strategies and I’m helping you navigate this sometimes tricky space of government contracting. So make sure you join the next live webinar. Those who join the webinar, what are you? A game-changer. High five.

I challenge you to share this blog post out on your social media platforms or you can send it via email to someone. I bet you have some business besties or some people thinking about getting into business and this information on government contracting. This is a series I’m going to be walking you through various things you need to know about government contracting and getting started. 

Deciding if it’s right for you, share this blog post with at least three other people you know that are either in business or thinking about business. It doesn’t matter their industry because if you’ve already done the research to question number one, you know the government pretty much buys everything.

So share this blog post, share the wealth, and let me just say, the government spends trillions of dollars. Just because you’ve shared this blog post itโ€™s not going to take away from what they have for you.