Do You Know About That Thing Called QuickBooks?

A random meeting at the store and I was asked “do you know about that thing called QuickBooks?” 

That’s what the lady asked me in Michaels after we both shared our love for scrapbooking and my new love for the bullet journal.

We talked about everything from the shootings that has happened recently involving the police, the shootings in Dallas, TX last week, to working for the government, which we’d both worked for the same federal agency, the church we each belong to and so much more.

We both found it funny to even stop and talk to each other, someone randomly,  at the store and then talk for an hour!  We’re both introverts, (check this video THE INTROVERT – An Award Winning Short Film amazing), but can be extrovert when needed. But our labor of love is being an introvert. So we both knew it had to be God that orchestrated our chance meeting. It was no accident.

She shared what she did in her business. Then I told her what I do “I provide bookkeeping services and training, and I’m almost totally booked so this month I’m opening up the doors to the Academy of Bookkeeping for 10 new students.

She was like, oh, that’s good. Do you know about that thing called QuickBooks?

I laughed. Then replied, “yes, I tell people that it’s my weapon of choice.”

She went on to say that she knew how to use it but was sure she probably wasn’t using it correctly and capturing everything that she should. Of course, I told her I could help her out.

We learned that we have so many things in common. I’ve made a new friend. And I have myself a new potential client. Can you say winning in so many ways.

Maybe you’re like her…

  • You’re doing your bookkeeping yourself in QuickBooks, yet you know you’re not using it correctly
  • You’re not capturing everything that you should

You need someone to look at your books to:

  • Assure you’re posting transactions correctly
  • Figure out why your reconciliation is out of balance
  • Assure your categories are set up correctly
  • Make sure you’re just doing one part of posting a transaction when there should be two