Limit The Competition In 3 Simple Steps


1. Business Preferences  

This is a tool we use with clients in our Contractor’s Edge Bootcamp. Depending on your business preference it reduces the number of companies bidding on a particular solicitation.

2. Capacity To Perform

The level, like contract size, at which your company can play in the government marketplace is different for each company. These things limit the competition.

3. Set-Asides

Contracting Officers have the ability to set-aside contracts that are certified in a particular category. They can have a set aside based on certification categories. If a project was set-aside for Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) then the companies that are not certified WOSB can’t bid the project. Few examples…

Get your business set up, certified and learn how to walk down and win government contracts.

Get your mind right around the competition thing and focus not on competition but walking down and winning contracts.

It’s time to narrow your focus.

Be the Game Changer!


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You’re stuck, Google and the SBA ain’t helping and you wonder if you’ll EVER get to the point to even bid a government contract let alone win one.

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We’re Covering:

  1. SAM Registration
  2. Monetizing Your Marketing

And really – Taking action with CONFIDENCE and creating a flow to build momentum and cash flow! 

Sound like something you need?

Over 6 Weeks, You Will Have Me In Your Hip Pocket. I’m Helping You…

🔐 Challenge your own thoughts and current struggles of what’s possible for you and your business even though you’re currently stuck

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🔐 Tap into the trillion dollar government marketplace and how to find bids that are ideal for you

🔐 Learn to stop wasting time by EASILY deciding which projects to bid and which not to

🔐 Never again be stuck and overwhelmed with what to do next. Instead, have a solid foundation built and the tools, resources, and knowledge to start winning government contracts.

Here’s How Making Major Moves Makes Millions 🤑 Work…

📱 You get access to me via Voxer and Email to ask me questions, run bid opportunities, partnership, and subcontracting ideas by me, ask questions when you’re stuck on what to do, anything else government contracting, and get feedback 

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You’ll Also Get Training (And Replay Videos You Can Return To Any Time) On Topics Such As:

… Turn late night frustrations into easy to implement action steps 😜

… Government Registrations – getting it done and right the first time without rejections 🤚🏾

… Increase your chances of winning a contract with actions that are in alignment 🤑

… Take strategic action based on your customer’s preferences 🤭

End Results…

  1. SAM Registration – Done

  2. Strategic Marketing Plan Created
  3. You IMPLEMENTING your game plan!

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This Is For Those That Are Not Just Talkers, But Those That Are Ready To Walk This Out, not just talk about it!

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