When being CAGED will no longer do!

Are you a carpool parent? I’m a carpool mom. Yesterday when I pulled into the garage, after picking my son up from school, it sounded like our dog was at the back door.

I looked at my son and he looked at me.

I said, “I know I locked the dog in the cage and I know I locked the bottom.”

How to recover from a lost BID in 5 simple steps

If you’re bidding contracts or ready to get started with bidding contracts, this is some MUST KNOW awesomeness for you.

In this video, I’m going to share with you 5 Key Bid numbers you should always be aware of.

Knowing these numbers are important because juicy secrets will be revealed when you look at these numbers and your metrics as a whole.

Here are the 5 Key Metrics You Should Know When Bidding Your Next Contract...