How My Client Won A 5 Year Contract Worth $50 Million

In this video, I’m sharing how my client won a 5 year, $50 million dollar government contract award. These strategies I’m sharing is used by all my clients and I use them as well in my business to win government contracts.

Here are 10 things I want to share with you to help you get to the contracting table, which is what I do.

These are things you either need to know, do, or change to get to that first contract award.

Government Contracting Fast Track

Do you know the difference between the person that chooses to wait 45 minutes or more waiting in line to ride the roller coaster at Six Flags verses the person that chooses to jump the line?

In this video, I’m sharing the impact of jumping the line whether at the amusement park or in government contracting to get to your desired results in less time.

Time To Grow

Have you ever seen a project built from the ground up? You know one day it was dirt and then you go back the next day and it’s still dirt? Building something new takes time. If you have ever had your dream home built you know to put everything together you have a bunch of screws, wood, nails, drywall and other materials that go into the finished product, the house.

How to be Contractor Of Choice, Win Contracts, and Build Profitable Relationships

You’ve heard the phrase give first before you expect to receive something in return. When just starting out in government contracting figuring out what the prime contractor need prior to expecting something in return is a must. 

It may require some research on your part, but the time investment will be well worth the investment when you’re negotiating to create your best deal.

Being A Tier One Subcontractor Has Benefits

Have you ever been screwed out of money on a project? You’ve completed the work and you get to that final payment and your jaw drop when you see the payment amount? 

Yeah, I’ve experienced that too! Which is why I’m sharing with you here the tiers of being a subcontractor, the benefits, and where you should strive to be on the tier ladder.

Three Mistakes I’ve Made When Starting My Government Contracting Business - Part 3

Three Government Contracting Mistakes I Made And How I Fixed Them. This is video three in a three part video series. In this video, I’m sharing one of the three mistakes I made. If you’re making any of the same mistakes, I'm giving you the actions on how to fix them.

All I knew was fed biz opps. The experienced government contractor knows that if you’re waiting for stuff to hit fbo to bid you’ll always be a step behind. I didn’t know! Seriously!

Three Government Contracting Mistakes I’ve Made - Part 2

Three Government Contracting Mistakes I Made And How I Fixed Them. This is video two in a three part video series. In this video, I’m sharing one of the three mistakes I made. If you’re making any of the same mistakes, I'm giving you the actions on how to fix them.

Three Government Contracting Mistakes I’ve Made - Part 1

Three Government Contracting Mistakes I Made And How I Fixed Them. This is video one in a three part video series. In this video, I’m sharing one of the three mistakes I made. If you’re making any of the same mistakes, I'm giving you the action steps on how to fix them.

The first couple of years was straight up hustle. Seriously, I rolled out of bed, worked all day and night, and rolled back into the bed. 

Your Basic Requirements As A Government Contractor

Feeling like getting started as a government contractor is a mystery?

Some people say the path to winning their first government contract is a breast! They find themselves stuck on the path getting to a certain point and then just going in circles looking for a way out to move forward.

Every time a hurricane hit, which seems to happen every year here lately in the United States, I get calls from small business owners. You want to get some of that quick response money, but here’s the first question I ask you...

Are you already set up to receive government contracts? Are you in the government systems?

The Benefits of Government Contracting

Small business owners reach out to me all the time saying they’d consider government contracting if I can show them how it will benefit them….WHAT?

Those of you that know me know I’m not in the business of convincing anybody to do anything.

When you’re deciding if government contracting is right for you, you need to know the benefits for yourself and then make the decision for yourself.

Being a government contractor offers HUGE opportunities for small businesses. 

Being A Prime Contractor With The Government

Being a prime contractor on government contracts is where the BIG BUCKS are. This is where you hear of those 6 and 7 figures and beyond contracts.

Holding the role of prime contractor comes with the weight of the project on the primes shoulders.

When you’re the prime contractor you set the tone of the project plus you don’t have to worry about chasing the customer (the government) to get paid or on time.

Being a prime contractor is a GREAT position to be in. 

How To Be A Subcontractor In The Government Marketplace

Government contracting offers HUGE opportunities to small business owners. Many small businesses jump in with both feet and believe they can go straight to being a prime contractor plus totally miss the WEALTH of opportunities as a subcontractor.

It’s not a bad situation to be in when you’re a subcontractor on a government contract.

What Is Government Contracting?

Got friends that are winning government contracts? Don’t know much about government contracting, yet the big checks got you interested? The government and its various agencies purchase products and services from suppliers, contractors, and service providers. Here are seven huge insights to why you'd want to be a government contractor. The United States government is the biggest spender in the world...

Why You Want To Create Collaborations

Collaborations and partnerships are the buzzwords in government contracting. Everybody is talking about them, how you should build relationships, and how lucrative they’ve been for them. But if you don’t understand the benefits and power of collaborations you may never see the importance of adding them to your business model. Here are three tips to collaborations being a game changer for your business...

For who would you give ANYTHING to have access to?

How would your business be IMPACTED if you had access to me in your hip pocket?

What kind of impact could you have on your bottom line profits?

Make sure you're properly registered in the government's systems for work. Make sure you've identified ALL opportunities for your business. Make sure your certification package is complete BEFORE you submit. Design your federal contracting game plan and be laser-focused on YOUR customer to save you time and make money. Create a plan for implementation to FAST TRACK you reaching your goal. Gives yourself a fresh set of eyes on government contracting and your business.

Doors are open to The Government Contracting Roadmap

I am so excited to let you know that after MONTHS of upgrading our program offers, the doors are finally open for The Government Contracting Roadmap, my self-study course for small business contractors just getting started with government contracting and that want to know the Step By Step To Finding The Keys That Unlock The Vault To The Trillion Dollar Government Marketplace.

Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Paper. I Mean Business!

Remember back in school when it was test time. If you were right handed you’d lay your left hand across your desk to hide your paper from the set of eyes seeking the answers on your paper.

You didn’t know if all your answers were right. You knew you’d studied. You were prepared. You were sure you’d pass the test, but not really 100% sure of an A.

Yet, you still had the onlookers with their eyes trying to reach your paper. Was that you?