How To Create A Business Growth Hack

Are you having growing pains? Got that feeling in the pit of your stomach, head, or both? As you grow your business, you will experience growing pains. I like to call it…

New level… new devil…

As a solo business owner or even with a spouse, significant other or business partner helping you inside your business there will be growing pains. 

You only know what you know. You know craft, your gift, but what’s usually lacking is the back-office functions. Dealing with growing pains.

My client had to cancel a scheduled session with me. During our next private client session, he shared that he canceled because he had to cover for an employee that was a No Show for one of his projects.

My client was tired from working 18 hours days and was craving sleep. He wanted to sleep. But he needed help!

Sleep was putting a band-aid on his problem.

I’m all about eliminating the problem.

The scenario he’s experiencing, if it’s not your scenario right now, today, trust me, it will be one day soon, especially if your desire is you growing your business.

It might feel painful implementing the growth hack I’m going to share with you in the beginning, but the pain will go away, and now you have a system and automation to have the front end of the process take plan without you.

In this video, I’m sharing a client case study along with one strategy to combat growing pains, scaling, and growing your business. This strategy will help you overcome or even head off the growth pain that most small businesses face.