Best Money Move – Small to Bigger Projects

Imagine having a steady flow of contracts coming in that you did not even have to bid. 

Today, I’m sharing my favorite strategy that you can implement for increasing cash flow and growth.


One of my clients executed on this strategy, in order to build up his reserve of projects awarded. Really, what he was looking for is consistency. If you’re looking for consistency in projects and income, read on. I’m sharing my favorite strategy of all, for whenever I want to have an inflow of increased revenue in my business, as well as contracting opportunities. It’s really not as complex as most people think.

This is a great strategy to use when you have limited resources. So no matter what type of resources it is, you’re limited in one area or the other. This strategy will definitely give you the boost that you want. 

A lot of my clients come to me wanting larger contracts and probably those of you that are reading here now, you want the same thing.


If you’re limited with time, a lot of contractors are working long hours already, so once you finish a project for the day, you don’t have a lot of time left and you’re tired. You’re limited with your time. Then what happens is, with limited time means limited money, especially if you have to have your hands in everything, you have to actually physically work on every project

You also have limited money, because you can only do so much yourself, which means you are capped at how much money you can make in your business. 

The third reason, you have limited resources, which means you’re not getting the contracts that you want, is that you may have limited resources as far as talent, workers that you can have helping you on the projects.


These things may be happening for a variety of reasons, which we’re not going to dive into here today, but they are apparent, they are present in your business and they need to be fixed. If you want to take your business to that next level of increased revenue, taking on larger projects, and if you ever want to get into government contracting and be successful.


Here’s what happens with this strategy that I’m going to share with you guys today. When you implement the strategy that I’m going to share with you, then you also increase your resources. I’m talking about sharing of resources. You can share resources as far as time. 


For example, working on a project, remember we talked about you working on the project as an individual. Say maybe it took you 12 hours to do it by yourself. Now you have help, maybe now it’ll only take you six, or even five hours. With two people, maybe you have more energy. You don’t burn out towards the end of the day. 

With help, you can increase your cash flow and revenue. Now, if you only have to work on that project for five or six hours versus 12, now you can do maybe two or three projects a day. As you start adding more workers and you put more people on a particular project, it’ll take you less time to get to completion. This means, you can close out the project faster, get your money and see your profits faster, which is also going to allow you to increase cash flow as well as revenue and profits. You will have increased your capacity.


I want to share with you the ideal company that you should be looking to implement this strategy with. 

  • What do you want to have in that company? 
  • What do you want to see them doing? 
  • What do you want them to have? 
  • What is it that will actually help you increase your revenue, allow you to take on larger projects, work less hours, and still have profit margins coming? 
  • What do you need to make that happen? 

Every company is different. That’s why I help my clients with this individually, not in general terms, because what you need to take your business to the next level may very well be different than what the company you may be comparing yourself to need. 


Here’s what you want to look for in this company. You want to make sure they already have experience and past performance in the type of work that you’re looking to possibly do with them. You want to make sure if you’re just starting out, that they’re at least doing six figures a year in income. 


If you’re already making six figures, then maybe you want a company that’s at $250,000 or $500,000. You want the company to be a little bit ahead of you. So that they can lift you up as they climb. You don’t want a company that’s on the same level as you. 

The right resources will allow you to start reducing the time spent on projects, get some time back as well as being able to share the resources of workers. 

The other thing you want to look for is depending on the dollar amount is just going to vary based on what you’re doing already, but you want to make sure they’re making money in their business.


You want to make sure that they have consistency in their flow of projects coming into their business as well as cash flow. If they have consistent projects coming in, they should also have the cash flow and projects coming in on a consistent basis as well. I’m not saying they have to have a new project coming in every week, but what I’m saying is they should have a steady flow of work. They could be doing larger projects and it just takes them longer to get to completion before starting the next one. So you have to decipher the difference.


Here’s my question for you. Do you have a potential company in mind that could help you grow your company? 


I’ve just laid out for you what the government is looking for. I’ve really just laid it out for you in the form of what you should look for in a company that you would actually want to do work with too. When you have the right company that’s a good fit for you and where your business is right now, you will have positioned your company with the things the government is looking for. And increase your contracting opportunities faster than going at it alone.

If you missed any of the previous videos in this series, Sales Push series. This is video 4 of 4. 


If you missed any of the previous videos in this series, remember we’re on our sales push. This is video four in this four-part video series. 

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This training series is going to give you the sales push that you’ve been looking for in your business to take it to the next level. This sales push is something that you can implement at any given time in your business whenever you feel like it. Just make sure you’re going through those steps to make that happen. If you do it consistently and you’re taking action on all the steps and the things that I told you to put in place and actually do and execute, then you can start seeing results as quickly, within 30 days.

So now you have it. Now you know the game-changer strategy, like my favorite strategy that I like to use anytime I want to have an immediate inflow of income into my business. Anytime I want to generate more contracting opportunities, take my business to the next level with bigger contracts, I use this sales push.


If you would like help executing on your government contracting plan and you want to increase your revenue, you want to start winning larger contracts, maybe you want help implementing this strategy and make sure you’re putting the deal together correctly and negotiating the deal and getting out of it everything you could possibly get, then I do want to invite you to book a call with me. 


Apply to have a conversation with me and let’s see if it’s a good fit, how can I help you, and if we say it’s a good fit, then I will offer you the opportunity to definitely work with me and have me walk you through this process and we do it together.

So if you want to book a call, apply to talk with me, you can definitely go over to askfeliciastreeter.com, I will definitely put the link down below in the show notes as well.