Government Contracting Success – Are You Asking The Right Questions?

Not knowing what questions to ask and when can tank your business relationships quick.

A potential client that’s been on my list for some time considered working with me, but before she pulled the trigger to work with me she had a couple of questions.

  • Did I win any contracts?
  • Did I have contracts for her?

If you’re in my community you can answer the first question for her, right.

My question to you, are you asking the right questions?

If you’re anything like I was in the beginning, I didn’t know what questions to ask which is why I give my clients answers to questions they don’t know to ask.

Before asking questions of me or someone else, do the research

You can find the answers to most of your questions on my blog, website, and YouTube.

I’m pretty open about my struggles and successes.

I’d recently shared in an email with my community a payment I’d received on a project that was $1.5 million dollars. That is a representation of contracts I’ve won, yes.

Then she asked, do I have contracts for her?

Are you serious, don’t lead with “do I have a contract for you?”

Nobody gives you a contract without a relationship or knowing who you are and what you do.

Why would I give you a contract?

You’re not even set up yet and ready for government contracting. And if I did have a contract for you, by the time you’re set up and ready for government contracting, it would be too late for that contract.

I’m thinking…

  • Build the relationship first
  • Don’t be out of order
  • Can you do the work? Heck, I don’t know.

I’m sharing the questions you should ask in this video.

She’s out of Sequence which is why she’s not winning contracts.

My community is for people that want this information and are willing to do the work.

Make sure you’re asking the right questions.

In most cases, you just don’t know which questions to ask.

During coaching sessions with clients. I’m able to allow them to share as they go on their journey and then I’m able to provide insight and give answers to questions they don’t know to ask.

If you don’t know if you’re doing things in right order or if you feel something is missing check out the Sequencing Formula.

Be the Game Changer!